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The 5 Types of Liberals

Before listing the five types of Liberals, let's scan the anatomy of these vexing creatures.

The rabbit hole that is the internet led me through a maze of research, but for the sake of time, I have condensed what I learned in two small bites, starting with Dennis Prager. He attributes liberalism to two causes: naivety and narcissism.

Liberal Ideology Simplified

Liberals, according to Dennis Prager, have a naïve belief that people are basically good. Therefore, they rarely blame people for the evil that they do. They blame economics, parents, capitalism, racism, and anything else that can let the individual off the hook. As for narcissism, which is an unhealthy preoccupation with oneself and one's feelings, he says - and I agree - we live in the age of narcissism. So, in a nutshell, everything they do is led and directed by feelings.

Liberals vs. Conservative: By The Numbers

I was curious about the number of liberals versus conservatives, or Republicans versus Democrats for that matter. So I looked it up, of course. In Forbes there is an article written back in October of this year titled, "Are Republicans more conservative than Democrats?" In July of 2022, 42% of self-described Democrats define themselves as moderate or conservatives, opposite 58% who consider themselves liberal. The gap is even bigger in the Republican Party, where 77% identified as conservatives, whereas only 23% of them said that they were moderates or liberals. According to the survey, this makes Republicans, in fact, a whole lot more conservative than Democrats are liberal.

Another article says:

Going by political party affiliation, there are more Democrats than there are Republicans registered to vote in the United states. If you go by generic party support, the country is fairly evenly divided, with slight swings going one way or the other. If you go by self identification, there are significantly more conservatives and strong conservatives than there are liberals. If you go geographically people in large cities tend to be moderately to heavy left of center while people in suburban environments range from moderately left of center to conservative and people in less populated environments tend to be strongly conservative. And finally, comparing other Western nations, the US would likely be viewed as a center right nation. We're to the left on civil liberties - like free speech - but to the right in terms of mistrust of government aversion to welfare state, and support of the military.

So, the question begs to be asked: if there are generally more Republicans/conservatives than democratic liberals, then how and why do they seem to control so much of the narrative? Well, the answer is obvious and I'm sure we all know it. It's that small percentage that controls the media - including mainstream news & social media - and that makes the movies, the television shows, and run the public schools, colleges, and universities. And really, therein lies what makes somebody liberal. Indoctrination. It is everywhere we look. It's no wonder so many fall into its grasp. They prey on the weak minded, the young, the mentally unstable. They use fear, hate, and division as their weapons of mass destruction, and they are relentless.

It's funny (in an ironic sense) I used to believe we (liberals and conservatives alike) all have the same objectives - health, wealth, & happiness - just different approaches. That may be true of a one fraction of liberals, but I now understand the true intent of the others. This at last leads us to the hierarchy of liberals.

The Liberal Elites

These are your top-tier members - your puppet masters - and guess what... they're not really liberals. They're just liberal for you, not for themselves. Who are these Elites? Think of your politicians, celebrities, media owners, and the like. These people are hardcore capitalists who live inside mansions protected by walls and gates, and have armed security while they traipse around the world on their private jets, yachts, and expensive cars. Yet they preach to us that guns are bad and no one should have them, we should have no borders, lower your carbon footprint and so on and so on. They believe they are above the rules. Why? Because they are the elite.

Liberal PrElites

Next you have the liberal pre-elites, or PrElites. These guys? They know the real deal, the true game of the Elites. And they want in. Or, in the case of someone like Geta Thunberg, they use someone easily manipulated to serve as their poster child (literally, in this instance).

Mid-Level Liberals

They believe the hype from the E's and PrE's, but you can still have a conversation and reason with them... to a degree. Much like a moderate conservative, they are really just too busy with life, so, they don't get involved unless forced. They just vote down the party line, and if they watch or listen to the news, it's left lean only.

Low-Level Liberal

Maybe they know next to nothing, maybe they totally get what's going on. Either way, they give zero f*cks because their only objective and concern is to "benefit" from the system. They want free stuff, they want it now, and they don't care how it came to be because they were told they're entitled to it.

Lost Liberals

Last but (very much so) least you have your lost liberals. These guys are the WORST. They grew up drinking the Kool-Aid. Indoctrinated either from birth or at the very least from the time they were school age. They know only slanted history, and even that is in soundbite form. They are self-important, entitled, spoiled brats who believe the world must bend to their feelings. Why are they the way they are? They were bred to be that way. They were groomed by the liberal elite to be minions. They are typically whiny, overweight, multicolor-haired, angry people, who believe they suffer from a myriad of mental health issues that can only be fixed by therapy and medications. All of their problems are the fault of everyone else, never themselves. They are the Useful Idiots.

The insidious pervasiveness of the liberal disease has infected so much of our culture, to a point where even the most astute can find themselves unwittingly sprinkling conversations with politically correct language and patronizing or purchasing services and products from woke companies. Therefore, the best defense is a good offense, as the saying goes. If we continue to educate ourselves, pass on our knowledge and values to our children, and refuse to bow down to the irrational and absurd demands of the liberal army, then common sense, morality, and values will prevail.

About Elsa Kurt

Lifelong Patriot & longtime Police Wife, Elsa Kurt has channeled her fierce love and passion for defending the defenders as the creator, Executive Producer & Host of the Elsa Kurt Show , correspondent and media personality for Right America Media & Law Enforcement Today. Her book, Welcome to the Family (Life Behind the Thin Blue Line) has been called the “must have survival guide for new LEO spouses.”

The vocal LEOF advocate is also a multi-genre author who has penned over 25 books, including twelve contemporary women’s novels. Her fiction stories explore the complex and relatable experiences of everyday life – the love & laughter, the heartbreak & sorrow, and everything in between. She finds the extraordinary in ordinary lives and puts you in the front seat of every story. Elsa has also written several children’s books, all with themes of encouragement, empowerment & uplifting messaging.

In 2022, Elsa launched The Writer’s Tribe Talk Show, an audio & video podcast for authors & a line of author merchandise in her Writer’s Tribe Store with clothing and more for authors & aspiring authors. Elsa also created three lines of apparel, accessories, & home decor: EKS Store with show & first responder merchandise, iGoodhuman, and Very Sweary Stuff.

As of 2022, she is the current Vice President of the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association. Elsa has also embraced the fun and entertaining world of Tik Tok as theotherelsa.


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