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The 14th Amendment...does it apply now?

Have you wondered how it is that to both of us, pro-American sovereignty and constitutionalist Americans and to the globalist-one world government leftist progressives, this election is the most critically important election in our lifetime? It’s because it is! But for different reasons. We want to keep America grounded to its founding principles of constitutionally protected individual liberty and freedom. To the other side it’s all about the power to rule over your life, period. But is more than that for them. It’s fear of justice. They know that if Trump wins, he will pursue the dismantling of the corrupt, criminally insane Democrat party that tried (and failed) to destroy America and replace it with a socialist regime of left-wing authoritarian technocrats. How? The 14th Amendment which, speaks directly to the powers of the federal government, in dealing with officials, individuals and states that are engaged in “rebellion” against the United States of America. In essence, the Fourteenth Amendment grants Trump the authority to hold accountable public officials whom are engaged in “insurrection or rebellion” against the United States. This mean governors, mayors, city council members, members of the house of Congress, generals, in fact anyone in positions of power engaged in subversion. So while for us is a matter of saving the country, to them it’s a matter of changing the country and saving themselves.

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