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The 12th Amendment....

I’m still amazed at the number of Americans completely oblivious to our Constitution. When I speak to some about how Trump can’t lose the election, their eyes glaze over before I’m done saying all Trump has to do is not concede. So here I go again as the Electoral College’s December 14th date looms large.

When the Trump legal team has exhausted all its Constitutional legal options at the lower courts, their case goes to the Supreme Court of the United States. Yes, the SCOTUS is the next step in Trump’s legal battle. But, to hear the case, four justices must agree to review the case. Chances are, it will, given the Conservative majority.

However, if the SCOTUS kicks the can down the road, sort of speak, or rules against Trump, for whatever the reason, all Trump has to do is NOT CONCEDE. Then the House of Representatives is the next stop where,they would decide the election, as they have previously done in two other occasions. However, that word again, THE DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER LET THE HOUSE DECIDE THE ELECTION Why? The answer is simple. Because under the 12th Amendment, Trump remains President. How? Great question!

The 12th was conceived, by the brilliance of our Founders, for one thing only. Resolve a Presidential contested election where a sitting President DOES NOT CONCEDE, period. But the Democrats control the House how is it possible that they would favor Trump? Another good question!

The 12th changes the Democratic majority of the House by removing the votes from the individual Representatives and giving each State one vote,and only one vote. That means that Trump would likely win 31 out of 50 votes, as 2020 favors Republicans this time in the number of State Legislatures they control, which upon the votes are based. But, the Democrats and their Deep State Puppeteers know this. So the question is... What can the Democrats do to stop the election from going to the House short of a nation wide emergency of some sort other than Covid? That’s the $64,000 question.

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