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Something is definitely Wrong

My instincts tell me something is very wrong with this election. Every time I have ignored this internal warning system, I have paid the price from untimely inconveniences to near death experience. You know what I’m referring to... That little voice that makes you slow down and reanalyze the situation while making your senses hyper-sensitive.

It defies logic. It doesn’t add up, pun intended. A rational thinking mind cannot conceive what we have just witnessed. How does an incumbent President lose an election under the current circumstances. It does not happen. The incumbent’s party claims huge victories in the election nationwide. The incumbent receives unprecedented support from demographics that normally support the challenger’s party. The incumbent receives millions of more votes that in his first election ever. The incumbent has an rebounding economy after unprecedented economy killing circumstances both intentional, and unintentional. The incumbent has renegotiated trade deals and treaties that favor all participant nations without forcing a disadvantage upon our country. The incumbent has achieved peace treaties which have been impossible to dream of for decades. The incumbent has put the fear of death once again upon terrorist organizations and terror states worldwide. The incumbent has delivered on his campaign promises despite his own party dragging their feet or not helping at every opportunity. An incumbent who has suffered the unprecedented relentless attacks from a national media sympathetic to all those who oppose him. Other than war, never has a President faced so many challenges, all at once, and still achieve what he’s been able to. It defies logic. Its inconceivable unless something else is at play here.

The amount of unprecedented irrational hatred for the incumbent cannot account for his presumed election defeat. The amount of voters fooled and manipulated by the incumbent’s opposing political party cannot account for this election results. The amount of money spent cannot explain it either. That half the country voted for the incumbent’s generic low-energy challenger, incapable or unwilling, to go out and campaign, cannot account for the results. No, something else is at play here. You sense it. It goes beyond rationale.

To use a metaphor, it’s like a dream I had years ago. I was floating in the center of a pool illuminated by lights while the rest of the pool was pitch black. I couldn’t see what was swimming in the dark around me but my senses told me there was death lurking near but that as long as I staid in the light, I was safe. You feel it. You sense it. You can almost see the shadows of the sharks of fraud swimming around you.

But what can we do? Well, first of all do not lose faith. Support your president. Secondly, remain calm and avoid confrontations with those who will taunt you. Have confidence that the President will deploy all the resources at his disposal to expose and bring to accountability those responsible. Be patient with the process and allow the wheels of justice to turn in your direction. If all fails, then, two choices to make. One, quietly go off into the night. Or second, march upon the DC Swamp from every corner of the country in the tenths of millions demanding another election. Anything less will not suffice nor change anything to the detriment of your children.

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