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Somber Day In America (read note at the end)

Today, on the somber anniversary of the greatest terrorist attack on American democracy, the insurrectionist storming of the US Capitol, there will be wall to wall media coverage, reflection, candle light and prayer vigils.

The victims of the horrific assault on American Democracy, claim they are suffering from PTSD, they say is in par with, or greater than that, experienced by the greatest generation when they ran head on into the withering relentless point-blank fire of German 8mm machine guns and 20mm anti-aircraft guns on the beaches of Normandy.

These poor members of Congress, their staffers, Capitol police and of course the media, were exposed to a level of mind-numbing terror, unprecedented in American history, when rabid MAGA goons trespassed on Capitol grounds armed to the teeth with phones and engaged in the destructive tactic of taking selfies.

But don't you worry! The DOJ has sworn to pursue these terrorists to the four corners of the world using every law enforcement tool and resource of the American government and bring them all, the powerful and the powerless, to the justice the American people demand.

In fact, one of those bloody terrorist, Christopher J. Quaglin, is getting justice as we speak. The goon being held in Virginia in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, breach of the U.S. Capitol is extremely ill and at risk of dying because the jail refuses to provide proper medical care and a special diet for his Celiac disease, his New York attorney Joseph McBride stated.

Christopher J. Quaglin’s case is the most recent in a series of reports that Jan. 6th defendants, have been beaten, tortured, and denied food and proper medical care while in federal custody. Many instances of physical and psychological abuse, denial of medical care, 24-hour solitary confinement, denial of basic personal hygiene, denial of access to legal counsel, destruction of records, and general abuse of rights and mandated standards for prisoners.

Quaglin, who is from New Jersey, is being held pending trial at the Northern Neck Regional Jail, in Warsaw, Virginia, the sixth facility where he’s been housed since he was charged in April 2021. Finally justice on these terrorists is being served.

NOTE: THIS IS SATIRE! What democrats claim is absurd...RAM EDITOR!

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