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Social peace at the cost of Christianophobic offenses (note:offensive images)

The exhibition "8M Visual Manifestos" held at the National University of Cuyo in the province of Mendoza (Argentina) mounted with blasphemous images ended with destruction after being repeatedly denounced for its socially offensive and Christianophobic nature, among the exhibited works were a vagina that simulated what seemed to be the mantle of the Blessed Virgin and in another, the body of a naked woman crucified as if it were Christ, but for whose face an animal skull was used, apparently a donkey.

Let's review a little why Christians in general have not only the right to complain about these offenses but also the need for a holistic understanding between the Christian Faith, theology, social policies, philosophy and law.

Christianity appreciates earthly realities and develops them in the light of Faith thanks to the Gospel, the Tradition that precedes it allowing its interpretation and the Magisterium of the Church, not in vain the medieval motto "Gratia non destruit naturam sed perficit" persists (Grace does not diminish natural things but perfects or increases them in dignity).

Indeed, medieval culture, without falling into a reactionary nostalgia but neither in the unfair black legend, has much to rediscover and complete the current world and this should include the conjugation of Faith, politics and ethics.

We cannot leave politics in the hands of those who will use it to our detriment, that is, those who believe that everything is morally relative and although it is not their fault that they do not have the gift of Faith, they ridicule those who do.

Politically correct statements from the Christian entities themselves show a pseudo-pacifism that has nothing to do with evangelical meekness, because even our Lord Jesus Christ has shown his holy wrath before the merchants in the Temple.

Talking about Peace, in Christian Nations peace means (or should mean) talking about Pax Christi and not only about Pax Augusti, peace not as the world gives it but the authentic Peace that comes from Christ.

As Pope John Paul II, of Holy memory, pastor and fundamental actor in events of undeniable geopolitical value, used to affirm: Peace is such if it comes hand in hand with justice, truth, freedom and love.

A peace that does not respect these conditions is not really peace.

Specifically about justice Saint Catherine the brave woman who, despite being illiterate (but evangelized and who dared to correct a Pope and could well be an exemplary figure for many young women who choose ideologized forms of femininity) affirms according to her political doctrine that in obtaining peace, justice plays a fundamental role, since there if is no justice in society, there can be no peace, since it is necessary for the moral and social growth of a State.

It should be noted that her main work "Dialogo della Divina Provvidenza" shortly before his death in the year 1400 was dictated, like all his writings, but in this one it is notorious that she applied, faithful to the Christian doctrine that has known how to discern the taking of the Romans law, from the Greeks philosophy and democracy (phenomenon that occurs par excellence in Christian environments) theological and philosophical principles that are the backbone of a morally healthy society.

Politics is not in its own nature something bad, which is why our obligation today more than ever is to sow an authentic objective moral order in this field, without negotiating principles and values, raising coherent and firm politicians in their religious convictions.

Searching for social peace, even peace among Nations without first achieve the inner peace of the soul or having achieved peace in our immediate environment with our loved ones, is not only a hypocritical act but also a true failure, because even if we achieve the peace among nations if there is no peace in our hearts we failed.

As long as social peace is prioritized at the cost of religious offense and the degradation of the souls of those who promote religious hatred with the excuse of art, we'll have the consequences that Winston Churchill said: "He who humiliates himself to avoid war has first the humiliation, and then the war''.-

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