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Roadmap To A Passive Red Dawn

Back in 1984, I saw the movie, Red Dawn. The film depicts a fictional World War III centering on a land invasion of the continental United States by an alliance of Soviet, Warsaw Pact and Latin American states.

The story follows a group of teenage guerrillas, known as the Wolverines, in Soviet-occupied Colorado. The film stars Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, and other well known period actors. A remake was released in 2012 featuring North Koreans in Australia.

Realistically, this is not the way an invasion of America would occur. And certainly not in a country with the world’s greatest concentration of combat and military veterans, hunters, gun aficionados and yes, hundreds of millions of guns. Not to mention, a history of violence.

However, the roadmap to destroy America from within, is very real and was introduced by the KGB decades ago in a four-stage strategy, which begins with the ideological subversion of certain segments of American society. American leftists, college educated liberal-progressives, unions and minorities, particularly, blacks and gays.

The strategy exploits the conviction in these groups, that the founding of America is illegitimate, institutionally racist and rigged in favor of mainstream whites and their patriarchal family structure, and as such, must be destroyed. The most famous American proponent of such absurdity and tactics to accomplish this was Saul Alinksy, the intellectual godfather of the modern Democrat Party.

One former KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov laid out an even more concise description of the strategy for subversion in a 1984 interview. Bezmenov described ideological subversion, or “active measures” as the KGB preferred to call it, as a “slow brainwashing process” to change the perception of reality of every American despite their abundance of information.

Bezmenov went on to explain that 85% of the KGB’s annual budget went to their ideological subversion programs, while the balance went to more conventional spy games, infiltration, espionage and assassinations.

Bezmenov laid out the four stages:

Stage 1: Demoralization

Bezmenov explained that the first stage, “Demoralization,” would normally take between 15 to 20 years to complete because this was the minimum number of years, it took to educate one generation of students, courtesy of the constant bombardment of Marxist ideology without being challenged or counterbalanced, by the basic values of Americanism or patriotism. Bezmenov warned back in 1984, that the demoralization process had been “basically completed” by that point after its introduction in the 1960’s into American curriculum.

Bezmenov stated that demoralization is important because it robs the targeted population of its ability to process valid information. Even when demoralized individuals are showered with authentic proof invalidating their conditioned beliefs, they simply refuse to accept it. Demoralization is quite obvious among today’s young people, whose faith in their country has been systematically destroyed throughout their lives by the educational establishment.

One recognizable evidence of demoralization today is “guilt.” Guilt is the most powerful force in left-wing politics and academia. People will not accept the radical expansion of punitive government power unless they feel guilty and deserving of punishment. White Americans are routinely compelled to feel guilty about the color of their skin, their society and national history.

Stage 2: Destabilization

The second stage, Destabilization, is much faster, requiring only two to five years. In this stage, the fundamentals of the targeted country’s political system, economy, culture and traditions, religion and every other institution, is under constant attack. Furthermore, the demoralized population becomes willing to believe the worst criticisms of its own society, while learning to see defenders of that society as enemies.

Bezmenov in 1984, found it absolutely incredible how much influence socialist ideas had infiltrated the American economic system with welfare, food stamps and other subsidies.

it’s easy to see how the American Left has destabilized entire segments of modern American society. The precious resource of goodwill disappears from society as everyone comes to believe their neighbors hate them and cannot be trusted. Demoralized people lose faith in their nation, history, and ideals; destabilized people lose faith in each other.

Stage 3: Crisis

Once a society has been destabilized, Bezmenov said the time would be ripe to create a Crisis, which he estimated would take six to eight weeks in the Eighties. In this age of social media and internet, modern technology can punch out a crisis almost overnight.

A crisis has the obvious benefit of panicking demoralized, destabilized people into abandoning their legal protections and constitutional rights. In fact, their very reasoning. Case and point, during the Covid-19 hysteria, people who resisted the mandates, were treated like criminals. If you wanted to work so that you could feed your family in late May, 2020, you were selfishly trying to “kill the elderly while increasing your bank account.” But by early June, If you wanted to burn your neighborhood down to protest white supremacy, nobody mentioned their imperiled grandparents.

The more subtle benefit of a crisis is that it tends to de-legitimize aspects of the existing system that have already been corrupted by the process of demoralization and destabilization, such the CDC and the medical community. Who believes them now?

Another example is the leftist media, which went to great lengths to avoid discussing the obviously blatant failures of left-wing mayors and governors and their Draconian lockdowns and mask mandates. On the contrary, the pandemic was used to attack the competence of Republican governors who turned out to be entirely correct in their actions, as in Florida and Georgia.

Stage 4: Normalization

“After a national crisis, a sudden change of economy and of the power structure, you will come to a period of ‘normalization,’ that may last indefinitely,” Bezmenov said, arriving at the fourth stage of ideological subversion.

Brezhnev explained that when the Soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia, “the situation was normalized.” Normalization being a cynical expression borrowed from Soviet propaganda.

This is what will happen in the United States if the useful idiots in America’s political class is allowed to continue to bring the country into crisis after crisis, while continuing to promise the federation of fools that elect them, all kinds of goodies in a socialist Utopia.

Instead, what these leftist politicians do is spend the nation’s treasury, ruin the country’s economy, corrupt the principle of the free-market, and increase the reach and power of their “bread and butter provider,” the government in Washington, meanwhile, promising lots of things to their voters—never mind whether the promises are fulfillable or not.

But what happens to all the “useful idiots,” as American collaborators were called by the Soviets? The politicians, college professors, entertainment stars, sports heroes, the community activists, and all the rest of Americans leftists who made the collapse of the United States possible? Brezhnev was asked.

“They are instrumental in the process of subversion only to destabilize a nation, nothing more. When their job is completed, they are not needed anymore. They know too much. Some of them will even become disillusioned when they see the real Marxists come to power. They will be lined up against the wall and shot,” Bezmenov explained.

What American leftists fail to comprehend is that they are viewed as nothing more than “traitors” to their own country by the real Marxists, or as in the case of China, Maoists, the real Communist threat to America today.

As traitors to their own country, useful idiots are actually disdained as nothing more than cannon fodder. The life cycle of a useful idiot is recruitment, indoctrination, exploitation, collection and finally, fertilizer. However, the American version of this process probably would not end with the mass execution of inconvenient fools who have ran out of their usefulness.

As for a Red Dawn invasion of the United States, ask yourself why? Why would you need to invade America at the expense of your treasury, your resources in soldiers, equipment, materiel, and the resulting physical destruction of the country whose vast natural resources you so desperately seek?

The answer is, there’s none. All you have to do at this stage of the game, is launch EMP weapons off of nondescript container ships on either coast and sit back and watch the United States implode. Americans killing Americans. And even if still capable, America’s leaders would be rendered impotent to respond by not knowing who did it. In a year or two, the attacker will be welcomed by the survivors as a rescuer.

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