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Richmond VA and BLM

Richmond, Virgina, is a case in point in deception. As one “protest” after another predictably devolved into one violent and destructive riot after another, the establishment in both government and media continued to spin the facts to condemn white conservatives with a smear campaign that has not even a passing acquaintance with reality. In Richmond, the weekend saw riots that were advertised ahead of time. But rather than prevent the unlawful gathering that was pre-planned as an event where rioters were instructed in a flyer widely circulated on social media to “DO WHAT YOU WANT” and “F**K SH*T UP,” local authorities not only allowed the riot, but then acted surprised by it and blamed the violence on white supremacists. In reality, it was — as the facts show — BLM and ANTIFA rioters, who were arrested and held up as examples of “white supremacists.” Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney and his puppet Police Chief, Gerald Smith, claimed that the weekend’s riots were the work of “white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter” the arrests records tell a very different story. Based on people that were arrested, the known political views are extreme far-left activists, communist agitators, and ANTIFA soldiers. The idea that the protest was infiltrated by “white supremacists” appears to have been created in the fertile imaginations of the Richmond officials who allowed the planned riot to happen. And it appears that it was allowed to provide a backdrop of violence against which to cry, “Whitey did this!” The mayor of Richmond thanked the Black Lives Matter protesters he said tried to stop the white supremacists from spearheading the violence. This much is clear: Officials are working overtime to deceive the public about who is behind the violence tearing America’s cities apart, and the MSM simply regurgitates the pablum with so much as bothering to check the facts. The end game appears to be to allow BLM separatists and ANTIFA revolutionaries to burn and pillage with impunity and use the damage and chaos to smear white conservatives with the taint of white supremacy and in the end, preventing Trump from re-election.

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