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Revising History? A big No No!

History education is critical to our nation’s survival — it is a critical tradition to pass information on to the next generations to promote our understanding of who we are as Americans, how we came to be, prepare our youth for the challenges of the future and help them to become good American citizens. However, for at least 50 years, America’s colleges and universities have been the breeding ground for an insidiously invasive virus known as, “Cultural Marxism.” This reason-robbing sickness, originated in Germany’s Marxist think-tank, the Frankfurt Institute and it was the intellectual academic, Herbert Marcuse, who infected Academia with this deadly decease.

Marcuse, first preyed upon minorities and exploited their grievances, real or imagined, against America from blacks to Latinos to Gays and feminists. Lastly, when these groups were throughly contaminated, he focused on whites from privileged backgrounds and finally, the faculties. The recent outbreak of violent riots in American cities — including the looting and burning of countless businesses as well as the defacing of public monuments, all supposedly in response to America’s inherent racism — is a natural byproduct of this effort. Enter the “1619 Project.”

The Left wants to push this anti-American narrative onto the next generation of students through the introduction of “The 1619 Project” into K-12 public schools. The 1619 Project, was launched by The New York Times in 2019,

in an attempt to revise America’s history around the institution of slavery. Some of its claims include:

• America’s true founding was not in 1776 but rather in 1619, the year the first slaves landed on this country’s shores.

• The Founders’ real reason for fighting for independence from Great Britain was to preserve slaveholding.

• American Capitalism was developed from and modeled on plantation slavery.

These false claims, and many others made by The 1619 Project, have been contested and debunked by numerous historians across the political spectrum. However, it is being taught already in curriculums across America. We all must inquire in our children’s schools if this garbage is being introduced. What more must you know to recognize how evil an ideology Marxism is? The new American Left. They are coming for your children. And they will use lies and deception, when not using violence, to pollute and corrupt the minds of our innocent children?

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