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Resistance is Futile

I was thinking back at the events which took place after the 2020 election. Everything about Trump having a plan secretly coordinated with the military to spring into action at the right moment, and make mass arrests of treasonous politicians and their Deep State operatives, that “he had it all under control” and that every soul crushing setback was really just a “masterful 5D chess move,” was in reality a Deep State-engineered misinformation campaign so successful to the extent of which, that even Trump and his allies from generals to senators, were fooled.

The real objective was to render his mass of predictable MAGA supporters impotent by making them believe, that all that was needed, was for them to stay home out of the way. That Trump was in control. Then came the orchestrated January 6th fiasco at the Capitol, intended to derail the Republican opposition to the counting of the state’s electoral certifications by steering masses of MAGA supporters like cattle into the Capitol grounds. We know what happened then. Fooled again. My Gosh, how many times must Conservative America be fooled before they realize what they are up against?

All meanwhile we were surrendering the streets of America to a spree of urban anarcho-socialist kinetic terrorism, that exploded in multiple cities via ANTIFA, BLM, and many other similar subversive groups. All of which ushered in the “deep state's cognitively-challenged marionette.” The only “storm” that did ever arrived was the “deep state's” on election day. And here we are today entertaining yet more fantasies that “we the people” will take back the House and Senate in 2022 and then the White House in 2024. I got news for you, it ain’t going to happen. The fraud machine that placed “Joe Buyden” in the WH, and the two Democrat candidates in Georgia in the Senate, has already being fine-tuned to deliver the necessary victories in 2022 without any hint of impropriety.

With that said, the reality is that Trump is basically “a king without a country” since the most powerful elements of the “deep state” continue to oppose him at every twist and turn, thereby sabotaging his envisioned policies for America’s hope of the upcoming mid-term elections and therefore, America’s future. Silicon Valley’s “Cyber Stasi” will see to it too by suppressing all subsequent digital dissent.

And what comes next is the geopolitical, military, economic-industrial, information-communication, healthcare (genetic engineering), governmental (“socialist/”fascist”), and “green” (“depopulation”) initiatives. This means that “we the people” are truly living in an unprecedented era of history whereby literally everything about life as we know it will be completely different within another presidential election.

The very nature of international, economic, civil-state, and even human-to-human relations, is transforming at a record pace, with folks either choosing to remain asleep like the deep state wants them—society is easier controlled this way—or becoming aware and fighting back, which the way I see is an act in futility.

Like “Star Trek’s,” the Borg, the cybernetic organisms linked in a hive mind called "the Collective" used to say: “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” Those who did resist beyond the threshold of assimilation, were instead destroyed.

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