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Reflection May 1

On May 1, 1776, in a German forest with torches and a handful of followers, Adam Weishaupt founded the "Illuminati of Bavaria" with the programmatic manifesto of abolishing private property and inheritance, Patriotism, the Family, the Monarchy and Religion .

And believing that this surreal idea would bring universal happiness...

(Any similarity with the great reset that they want to establish and everything that happens today is purely coincidental).

This arrogant and corrupting man He gained followers by infiltrating Masonic lodges that maintained a certain respect for Christianity and its values, modifying their rituals thanks to Baron Von Knigge.

Some were introduced to scientific-enlightenment rationalism with an air of progress and others with esotericism, that promise of the old serpent and old reliable strategy of promising superior knowledge or gnosis or taking part in an elite occult power.

Once the files of his right-hand man Franz Xavier von Zwack were seized, defense plans for suicide (today called euthanasia) and notes on abortion (again a simple coincidence with what we see today...) were found.

The illuminati had a very short historical duration and with legitimate successor groupings also unsuccessful, leaving only one today in Switzerland with less than twenty adherents.

Could it be that under different times, cultures, names and rites the same evil spirit becomes flesh, a group of madmen with enough arrogance and will to subvert the order of the world?

Two curious facts: the initial documents of evidence and probative burden were made public when one of its members was struck by lightning that struck him down on the spot.

And the other, its emblem was Minerva's little owl or owl and not the truncated pyramid or the all-seeing eye, a Christian symbol called the ''eye of Providence''.

For every madman who plans to redefine nature and the world, there is always a group of people in an attitude of service and heroism with love for God, Country and Family.

And there always will be.

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