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The following is an excerpt of a Digital Forensic Analysis of Dominion Voting Systems using Spiderfoot and Robtex, conducted by an electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence Unit known as “The Kraken.”

The analysis revealed digital evidence of several entities having access to Dominion via the internet. These entities were in Serbia, Iran, China and surprisingly, the organization formerly known as ACORN, the pro-Obama activist political group founded by two former members of the Weather Underground, the brothers Rathke. Its now called “Indivisible.”

The Serbian access to Dominion was conducted through Dominion Voting System Serbia, by two of its employees, Vukašîn Dordević, software developer, and Edvan Sabanovic, senior web developer.

The Iranian access was conducted through Edison Research. The research conducted on Nov 8th, 2020, showed that Edison Research had an Iranian Server. The primary job of Edison Research is to report the tabulation of the count of the ballot information as received from the tabulation software. Inputting the Iranian IP into Robtex confirms the direct connection into the “Edison Research” host from the Iranian domain. Deeper search of the ownership of Edison Research “” shows a connection to BMA Capital Management, where and, are both connected to via a VPS or Virtual Private Server. BMA Capital Management, Pakistan, is known as a company that provides Iran access to capital markets with direct links publicly discoverable on LinkedIn. The same Robtex search confirms the Iranian address is tied to a server in the Netherlands, which correlates to known Iranian use of the Netherlands as a remote server.

Further research demonstrated access of the network from China. The records of China accessing the server are very reliable. One such connection is through, which includes an auto discovery feature, that allows programmers to access the system while it is connected to the internet once it’s a part of a constellation of devices. Interestingly enough, Dominion Voting Systems Corporation in 2019, sold a number of their patents to China via HSBC Bank, Canada.

A search of the network showed a subdomain which showed evidence of the existence of “Scorecard” software in use as part of Indivisible.

Side Note: For those who never heard of Scorecard, it was a software allegedly designed to alter votes by switching them during the transfer process. Its origins are also allegedly connected to U.S. intelligence during the Obama Administration.

In an affidavit presented to the hearing, the researcher presented, under the penalty of perjury, unambiguous evidence that “Dominion Voter Systems” and “Edison Research” have been accessible and were certainly compromised by rogue actors, such as Iran and China. By using servers and employees connected with rogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverable leaked credentials, these organizations neglectfully allowed foreign adversaries to access their system and provided access to their infrastructure. One can only conclude that this was done intentionally in order to manipulate elections, particularly, the most recent one in 2020.

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