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Question of the Week

Yes, I know some of the answers are going to be negative.

Once, not long ago, mine was, too. First, my answer today:

God loving, humble, grateful, chosen, blessed, learning, growing, sinner, loved.

As for my answer a year ago... it was not good. I thought they believed themselves superior to everyone else (some do). I thought they were crazy zealots (some are). I thought they were hypocrites (again, some are). I thought Christianity was another cult-like, organized religion led by nut jobs & I wanted no part of their crazy talk.

So, when I learned what REAL Christianity is, you can imagine my surprise. I was like wait, WHAT?! Christianity is NOT a religion, but a relationship with God??? You mean, like, a direct line, a 'hey, God, it's me Elsa' type of thing?! HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME THIS BEFORE?

Sorry to shout, but seriously. For as long as I can remember, I've been saying no one should stand in between me and God. Then along comes real Christianity and says, 'Well, no duh. That's what we've been saying all along.'

To which I said, 'Do tell.'

And thus began my faith journey. It has been and continues to be one of continuous learning and growth that draws me closer to God and God's will for my life. It humbles and strengthens me daily and counters every single negative thing in the world. It's incredible.

If you're struggling in your faith for the same reasons I did, it helped me to understand that important distinction that separates Christianity from religion: you are building and nurturing a relationship with the One who loves you beyond all measure, despite any and every failing you have.

Basing your relationship with God on the actions and behaviors of people will only disappoint and disillusion you. Our task is to learn how to love like Jesus. So, instead of feeling bitter toward those who disappoint us, remember it's our job to follow Jesus, not man, and thereby help lead them to Him with compassion.

There are my thoughts, now I'd love to hear yours, too.

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