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Pride Month?

Today, it's been replaced by the new liberalism and when applied to the LGBTQIXYZ movement, it has been taken to an extreme. It has devolved into a sort of Queer Marxist totalitarianism in which, LGBTQIXYZ rights, take priority over anyone else.

Where once the private affairs of consenting adults, however sordid, was their business, they are now attempting to promote it as normal and rational, and are taking it national. But this is nothing short of the moral corruption of children too young to understand their own identity, which can lead to a lifetime of anguish including the mental illness of gender dysphoria. And God help you if you stand in the way.

Those who stand up to the nonsense that the Queer Marxists are demanding, are called bigots and homophobes, and must be marginalized and utterly destroyed. As I see it, everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but not the right to encroach on the natural liberties of others to force acceptance of yours.

For example, gender dysphoric individuals have the right to claim they are the opposite sex, though this is obviously not the truth. When their right to live in self-delusion encroaches on other people's right to privacy — i.e., women's right to safe locker rooms and bathroom spaces — this becomes a big issue. Infecting the mind of young impressionable children takes it to another level.

In his “Republic,” Plato adopted Socrates’ sage advice — that children “be possessed in common, so that no parent will know his own offspring or any child his parents” — in order to defeat nepotism, and create citizens loyal not to their parents but to society. Sick isn't it? But I got something to say to Plato.

Firstly, our children are our children, and we’ll raise them as free-thinking citizens and individuals that do not serve the state nor misguided causes as their master. Some would argue that raising a child to be an American patriot is just as bad because it programs them to be loyal American citizens, but there’s a stark difference between raising an American and raising something like a cultural Marxist.

An American is a person who respects freedom and individuality. He’s someone who understands that the chaos of varying ideologies, religions, races, and more makes for a solid society that advances far faster than previous civilizations had thought possible. To bring someone up as an American is the opposite of programming someone to be a mindless robot, it’s opening a mind to be something far greater.

All the "isms" to come out of leftist ideology, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, and China's Statism, besides their common ideological source, Marxism, have been obsessed with indoctrinating new generations when very young. Some claim the maxim comes from Spain's St. Ignatius Loyola himself, the Basque soldier turned priest and founder of the Catholic Jesuit Order. Yet the idea later proclaimed by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and others, is very old — "give us a child till he’s 7 and we’ll have him for life," can actually be traced back to Aristotle.

As Piaget learned in his studies of children several decades ago, kids don’t understand the difference between mind programming propaganda and truth, dreams and reality, until perhaps they reach age 7 or 8. And those early ideas often stick with them for a lifetime unless dedicated parents deprogram these brainwashing efforts. I know first hand. Thanks to my parents daily debriefings, I never became a good little Communist like my friends in school. Later when we came to the United States, all he said was: "now you must become an American." The transition was effortless.

Although homosexuals account for approximately 3% of the overall population of the United States, LGBTQIXYZ activists are very vocal, well financed and organized, and obsessively driven to force acceptance of their sexual behavior. Their allies in the three most powerfully loud megaphones of culture, academia, entertainment, and sports, are collaborating in forcing this acceptance by conditioning our children through the contamination of everything they see or hear, everywhere they go, and particularly, the educational system. Now the Biden administration is also involved.

There is a problem, of course as this sort of ideological force quickly devolves into totalitarianism. If there is no way to speak coherently with one another absent objective meaning, how can we reach consensus? Suggesting that the world at large owes homosexuals validation for their sexual tendencies is a recipe for complete chaos. And in this case, that means opposition to mainstream norms, family tradition, Biblical principles, religious institutions and the roles parents play in facilitating human advancement.

Pride Month isn't all triumph and rainbows. It's one in which, the Queer Marxists, feel free to exploit the current administration and corporations to push forward harmful agendas that diminish the rights of their fellow Americans. Plain and simple.

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