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Politicians Are Human Parasites

In Rights of Man, Thomas Paine noted, “We continue to find the greedy hand of government thrusting itself into every corner and crevice of industry and grasping the spoil of the multitude. Invention is continually exercised, to furnish new pretenses for revenues and taxation. It watches prosperity as its prey and permits none to escape without tribute."

The demonization of anyone deemed prosperous and "rich"—the Marxist class warfare angle—is one way of continuing to gain support for higher government revenue through taxation of labor and wealth.

Most rich people are producers— of both products and labor opportunities—and savers. They realize making money is not a zero-sum game. Their making more does not mean others make less. On the contrary.

But there is one destination of the flow of wealth that is zero-sum. In other words, when this group "grows revenues" the people all lose money. I am talking about the parasite class— politicians—the one class of people who perpetually steal from others via taxation.

Fact, politicians steal from us. This taxation system is the cause of all political and social evil in America, but it is hidden with political oratory, hypocritical welfare benevolence and altruistic nonsense.

Common sense tells any sober, unbiased mind that the political establishment, cannot give you anything except that “WHICH IT STEALS FROM YOU.” Where else would it come from? The government produces nothing. On the contrary, it is a consumer of the fruit of our creativity, entrepreneurship and labor.

This is clearly a fact of reality, but the masses of the ignorant have no sense of cause and effect. This can only be explained by the fact that the crowd (the people), are in a state of institutionalized conditioning therefore, do not possess the ability to deviate from expected behavior.

Crooks and politicians do not feed upon each other. They feed upon honest people, or people with morality. When you go into a "court of law," and swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth—which doesn’t apply to them—the system is using your morality to convict you and entangle you. To a prosecutor, with political aspirations, a conviction is all that matters. Innocence is secondary.

Another example is the tax system. Second only to the word Democracy, is the word "taxpayer,” an establishment word. The goal of the system is to get everyone to think of themselves as taxpayers. They know that if we think we are taxpayers, so shall we become. Ever heard Joe Biden say: “paying your taxes is patriotic?”

People who believe that they are taxpayers have in fact become taxpayers. They lose all initiative to question that taxation is theft. It is a modern star chamber and the only reason we are not totally humiliated is that we are manipulated to believe that we are "paying our fair share,” another favorite Biden saying.

This is another mind-altering phrase that is used to extract wealth from the American people: “Paying your fair share" And I will tell you. It is evil! The income tax system is a sinister creation of the organized crime syndicate we call government.

The IRS system is the perfect expression of police power because it operates as an enforcer, it extracts confessions and forces self-incrimination of citizens. Yet in its hypocrisy, it persuades the public mind that it is "a voluntary system of self-assessment."

The IRS is a system that uses police power to force involuntary servitude. There is a parasite income tax system in America that prospers on the confusion and duplicity of the tax system by "helping" you comply. In compliance you are a modern day serf.

Millions of hours are expended by individuals and businesses, in an effort to comply. Self-sacrifice is not synonymous with moral duty nor does it justify the accommodation of evil.

The frivolous issue put forth and debated, is whether or not, the income tax is mandatory by law. No, it IS NOT mandatory by law but it is most definitely mandatory by force—police force.

In the real world today there is no law.

All that matters is what is required by force. Our lives are dominated and consumed by the process and payment of taxes. It would be accurate to say that our existence is indexed to the tax system in America.

Andrew Jackson said, "The wisdom of man never yet contrived a system of taxation that would operate with perfect equality." Of course not. Taxes aren't designed to! Estate taxes, income taxes and all other taxes, extends the fiat monetary system.

When the volume of money is expanded, as it has by the trillions of dollars since 2008, there is only one time honored method to stop this runaway train. Don’t print anymore money and don’t spend anymore money. Good luck with that.

Taxes, inflation and wars, is their favorite method to extinguish the excess volume of money. So expect more of the same. The monetary magicians are out of new tricks except for one… Digital Currency.

God help us then.

Inspired by the writing of Bob Livingston

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