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Open Your Eyes

Inspired by the writing of Thierry Meyssan, French journalist,

We are being disingenuous. The presidential election was never a rivalry between Democrats and Republicans. Donald Trump has never been a member of the Republican Party, which he took over practically by force of will, during his 2016 campaign. He is not an enlightened man, he is not a priest. What he is, is a modern version of President Andrew Jackson. What the previous two elections were really about was the conflict between the Puritan power structure of the D.C. Establishment and the Jacksonian outsider. We must also stop pretending that Donald Trump does not represent the majority of his fellow citizens when he defeated the “sure to win”Establishment darling candidate, Hillary R. Clinton, in 2016. We must also recognize that Trump helped thousands of candidates win local elections in his name, and he just won more votes than any other sitting President in history. How Biden presumably won the 2020 election, is a matter for another day.

No one seems to dare to understand what is really happening here. The World clings to the idea that the United States is a paragon of democracy. Please read the US Constitution, it will only take you a few minutes. It recognizes the sovereignty of the Federated States, not of the People. Its main engineer, Alexander Hamilton, said it and wrote it in the Federalist Papers and I paraphrase: “its purpose is to establish a regime comparable to the British monarchy without aristocracy, and certainly not a democracy. The American Constitutional Republic has lasted this far only because of the compromise based upon the collective acceptance of the First Ten Amendments (Bill of Rights) as the thirteen colonies each ratified the Constitution and became the first 13 states.

The American system is certainly tolerant, but it is also “oligarchic.” In the United States, almost all laws are drafted by organized pressure groups (Lobbyists), regardless of who is elected to Congress and the White House. The two political parties is just a smokescreen that hides the real Power, the Establishment Party, composed of both Democrats and Republicans, with a score keeping system, where every decision of every politician is noted and directories compiling their record are published every year.

Those who want to represent the United States as a democratic nation, keep claiming that the presidential election is a matter for the electorate, the popular vote. This is absolutely false. The constitution does not provide for the election of the federal president in the second degree by the people, but by an electoral college appointed by the governors. In that context, Donald Trump would have won the 2020 election if the United States were a democracy, but he presumably lost because the United States is an “oligarchy” and the D.C. Establishment does not accept him. He has never been part of this very exclusive power structure.

The new Jacksonians, the “Trumpers,” will probably have no choice but to take up arms to make their cause triumph, as the Second Amendment to their Constitution explicitly provides, should Joe Biden be sworn in as the 46th. Texas and eighteen other states, which challenged the election results of the four swing states on the basis of multiple demonstrable violations of the Constitution and state election laws, were not even heard by the SCOTUS. And there lies the danger. If the system is perceived to be “rigged” and there is no peaceful means to petition the government for a redress of grievances, then what? In the original sense of the Second Amendment, the right of Americans to acquire and bear all manner of weapons of war is intended to enable them to rebel against a tyrannical government, as they did against the British monarchy. This is the meaning of the 2nd and the subsequent compromise of 1789.

General Michael Flynn, the first victim claimed by the Establishment’s goons, the Deep State, and subsequently pardoned by the President, hears the drums of war and has just called for the “suspension of the constitution and the introduction of martial law to prevent civil war.” The Pentagon, whose head was recently replaced by President Trump in favour of friends of the general, is standing by.

What happens on January 6th may determine Trump’s next move but heed this, he has millions of highly motivated Americans willing to go to war for him. The only peaceful Constitutionally legal alternative left is the procedure that applies the 12th Amendment by the new Congress, in which the Puritans (the Establishment) are then in the minority, and the Jacksonians are then, in the majority. But then what about the other alleged half of the country? In the end, violence may be inevitable.

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