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On The Path To Tyranny

One of the greatest lessons of history that needs to be relearned by Americans today, which our forefathers knew quite, is that anytime a government is powerful enough to give the people everything they need, is also powerful enough to take everything they have.

You can’t have the benevolence of welfare without the tyranny of control. There isn’t one without the other. Whomever provides for your subsistence, can also deny your existence. Doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

Even if our present-day version of American socialism wasn’t morally corrupt, even if it produced a higher standard of living, it would still demand conformity without divergence.

Freedom of thought and independent action, would not be tolerated in a system that by providing, relies on your absolute obedience and compliance.

If that government, you depend on for your existence, ever becomes tyrannical - and history is full of such examples besides the path we are on, you are either going to be an enforcer of that tyranny, or you are going to be the recipient of it’s demagoguery. There is no other destiny.

You must be independent of government for your subsistence in order to defy it’s tyranny. If your government provides your livelihood, your shelter, your food, your clothing, your education, your healthcare and your retirement, then said government controls you even if you reject it’s principles.

A lesson for the millions of government employees and those who live off subsidies.

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