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Obedience And The Rise of Authoritarianism

I am sure that by now you have heard the ubiquitous slogan "The Great Reset." And if so, then you have also heard the name Klaus Schwab, the face of the World Economic Forum. If you haven't, well then, you need to pay a little more attention to what's happening in the world, for it will affect you or your children. But seriously, I must ask you, how well do you know the World Economic Forum?

Before we continue, I must emphasize that authoritarianism is becoming increasingly accepted by people, particularly when promoted as in protecting you during a national emergency such as the emergency declaration related to the Covid pandemic. When people are afraid or made to feel powerless and anxious, they will follow authority, accept public opinion even if it collides with their common sense and intuition, and will comply with social expectations.

The reality is that hyper-conformity and blind obedience, has infected too many Americans into believing it is their "patriotic duty," as one politician likes to belch out, to obey without question government decrees, particularly when sold as good for you. However, widespread cowardice is really the cause and effect to the rise to authoritarianism.

The pathological conformity that is infecting western civilization has been in the making for generations, and it is a result of a confluence of several factors one of which, is a new value system where social validation occupies a preeminent desire to be accepted and this phenomenon is augmented by social media. The topic of authoritarianism, although related to the purpose of this piece, will be revisited later. For now back to the WEF.

What if I was to tell you that the World Economic Forum wasn’t simply the brainchild of Klaus Schwab? Would you believe me or would you dismiss it? Either way here we go.

The World Economic Forum’s recorded history has been manufactured to appear as though the organization was exclusively a European creation, but this isn’t so. In fact, Klaus Schwab had an elite American political team working in the shadows that aided him in creating the European-based globalist organization. The World Economic Forum was actually born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by none other than Henry Kissinger, pushed to fruition by John Kenneth Galbraith, and to borrow from a dark comedy, the very “real” Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn. The amazing story is that Klaus Schwab, was recruited and helped to create the World Economic Forum.

If you have a decent knowledge of Schwab's history, you will know that he attended Harvard in the 1960s where he would meet then-Professor Henry A. Kissinger, a man with whom Schwab would form a lifelong friendship. But, as with most information from the annals of the World Economic Forum’s history books, what you’ve been told is not the full story. In fact, Kissinger would recruit Schwab at the International seminar at Harvard, which had been funded by the Central Intelligence Agency. Although this funding was exposed the year in which Klaus Schwab left Harvard, the connection went largely unnoticed.

The World Economic Forum is not a European creation. In reality, it is instead an operation which emanates from the public policy grandees of the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixonian eras of American politics; all of whom had ties to the "Council On Foreign Relations" and the associated “Round Table” Movement, with a major supporting role played by the Central Intelligence Agency.

The three extremely powerful and influential men, would lead Klaus Schwab towards their ultimate goal of complete Empire-aligned global domination via the creation of social and economic policies. In addition, two of the men were at the core of manufacturing the ever present threat of global thermonuclear war. If you examine these men through the wider context of the geopolitics of the period, It will show how their paths would cross and coalesce during the 1960s, how they recruited Klaus Schwab through the CIA-funded program, and how they were the real driving force behind the creation of the World Economic Forum.

It was clear that Professor Kissinger had identified American involvement in European policy creation as being vital in the future peace and stability of the world. At this time, Kissinger was based at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here, the future founder of the World Economic Forum, a young Klaus Schwab, would catch the eye of Henry A Kissinger. The evidence points to Klaus Schwab having been recruited by Kissinger into his circle of “Round Table” globalists.

In addition, the year Schwab graduated, would also be the year in which it was publicly revealed that the International seminar at Harvard, had been a CIA-funded program. This CIA-funded seminar would introduce Schwab to the extremely well-connected Deep State policy-makers, who would help him create what would become the most powerful European public policy institute, the World Economic Forum.

In the year Klaus Schwab left Harvard, he was approached by Peter Schmidheiny, who had just sold Escher Wyss to the Sulzer Group. Escher Wyss’ Ravensberg factory during World War II had been managed by Schwab's father, Eugen, and had been involved in making heavy water turbines for the secretive Nazi atomic bomb effort. Schwab speaks in one interview about the moment Schmidheiny called him up, saying, “You come from Harvard now and know modern management methods, help us make the integration a success”.

What Klaus didn't mention in that interview was that he would help Sulzer and Escher Wyss to merge, resulting in a new company called Sulzer AG. That company, where Schwab would serve as director, would go on to break international law by aiding the South African apartheid regime in it's illegal thermonuclear bomb program. Klaus Schwab had only just left the sphere of influence of some of the most significant experts in thermonuclear war, and within the same year as leaving Harvard, he would head up the merger of a company dealing in the propagation of thermonuclear bomb technology to despotic regimes.

Here are some questions. If Klaus Schwab is the real brains behind the formation of the World Economic Forum, what are we to make of the CIA involvement in the seminar Kissinger used to recruit Schwab? Were the powers that lurk behind organizations like the CFR the real founders of the globalist policy making organization? Was the World Economic Forum meant to simply unite Europe? Or was it actually meant to go on to unite Europe with America, followed by the remaining superstates, into a New World Order designed by powerful CFR grandees like Kissinger, Khan and Galbraith?

These three powerful men each saw in Schwab a reflection of their own intellectual desires. Klaus had been born in the latter half of the same decade in which, the old Technocratic movement, had begun to reappear and Klaus Schwab, would come from the first generation to have their formative years in a post-war world. Khan’s predictions for the future had not only been an exercise in human wonder, it had also been a project to make these predictions a reality as quickly as possible and regardless of the consequences.

Schwab has become more than just a technocrat. He has been very vocal on his desire to fuse physical and biological identities to merge with future AI technology. He has become a living caricature of an evil bond-like villain, conducting secretive meetings with the elites, high up in the mountain-top chalets of Switzerland. I do not think that the image we have of Schwab is an accident. In the postwar years, something very unique happened in Western culture, when the governments began using mainstream media and the entertainment industry as a tool to target the public with military grade psychological operations. The ruling Establishment discovered that marrying the drama of conflict scenarios with media such as films and tv shows, would be extremely useful, almost akin to creating self-propagating propaganda in some cases.

There is more to the WEF than Klaus Schwab. There is more to the WEF than it's catchy slogans "The Great Reset" and "You Will Own Nothing And You Will Be Happy." No one in this world capable of rational thinking and physical action should allow others to think or make decisions for them. Every person should be the master of his or her own fate and this collides with the precepts of the WEF.

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