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Nobel Prize Nominations...where are you media?

The Democrats and the Liberal Progressives are an endless scientific study on the deficiency of every trait of human moral character. Take for example, their latest sanctimonious display of hypocrisy regarding the efforts at peace, between the Arab nations and Israel. For a case and study, let’s focus on that vile, and feeble looking, if I may be so bold, Democratic Speaker of the House, Nasty Pelosi.

Pelosi claimed on Friday, that President Donald Trump’s recent success in securing peace deals in the Middle East was nothing more than “a distraction” to keep focus away from his domestic failures. Pelosi’s comments come after Trump, had been nominated multiple times for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is in recognition of his real efforts in the unprecedented regional transformation of the Middle East nations after decades of instability, crisis, and war. Trump also managed a peace and economic agreement between the countries of Serbia and Kosovo, for which he got another nomination.

Keep in mind that former president, Barak Hussein Obama, was given a Nobel Prize for just getting elected. Never mind, the thousands of innocent men, women, and children, classified as “collateral damage,” that were later killed using his favorite anonymous killing tool, drones. And let's not forget the complete destruction of Libya.

Now, in another example of liberal progressive absurdity, the magazine, "The Atlantic," in another display of Trump- Deranged-Syndrome tantrum, urged for an end to the Nobel Peace Prize, after the second Nobel Prize nomination. Yes, The Atlantic, which had been forced to publicly admit that what they had been publishing about Trump’s comments on fallen soldiers, was not exactly true. Misinformation that was yet again discredited after a week of sensationalism, pundits, and panels of experts by the mainstream media, commenting on the grievousness of Trump’s presidency. When will they learn? Or better yet. When will they be held accountable? Note: Yes we know the pic is altered! Credit for picture: Great job guys

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