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No Vote Justice, No Peace

Updated: Apr 20

Unfortunately, voter fraud is not new to our country, the difference this year is the the scale of what occurred. This same voter fraud machine was up and running in 2016 and even as far back as the 2012 elections but, there was one huge difference this time around, more on that later.

According to a sworn affidavit, the algorithm within Smarmatic, doesn’t allow for one candidate to run away with all the votes thus defying numerical logic and voting history, which would otherwise, expose the system to scrutiny. The software provides for a maximum of a 3% margin advantage for the desired candidate as to prevent suspicion of impropriety. So logically, the intended operation is also reliant on other time-honored means of duplicity such as, illegal absentee ballots, ballot harvesting, which is legal in California, double dipping, dead people voting, and the undetected unfortunate dismissal or total disappearance of ballots, from the opposing party by unscrupulous local poll officials.

In 2016, a surprise occurred. His name was Donald J. Trump and the algorithm, by itself, couldn’t account for the unexpected number of people who voted Trump and there weren't enough counter-measures in place to compensate for the difference, particularly in the battle ground states controlled by Democrats. So the Democrats were rendered powerless and thus shocked by the stunning defeat of their darling candidate, Hillary Clinton, who had a 97% chance of winning. Fast-forward to the 2020 election and nothing was left to chance.

Several factors came together in a perfect storm of opportunity for the Democrats. First and foremost, was Covid. The Democrats immediately recognized the opportunity to hurt Trump where he was only vulnerable, the economy, and a coordinated multi-faceted effort was launched. Democrat controlled states and cities, shutdown and with it went jobs and their economies. The travel and hospitality industries, two of the biggest employers of the Middle Class were decimated almost over night. Soon came the calls for mail-in ballots in the interest of public safety, of course, and tenths of millions of mail-in voting ballots were printed and sent out without the means to verify identities of recipients voting nor how many votes one individual could cast in multiple states. And the gig was in.

However, the limitations of the software were painfully apparent on the night of the election. So many Trump votes were pouring in on election day that, in key swing states, heavily Democratic districts, counter-measures to mitigate the situation were taken, ranging from stopping the counting to hastily filling-in empty mail-in ballots as indicated by the entire ballot being void of any other selection except Joe Biden for President. This occurred in many places but, was particularly effective, in four strong Democratic districts, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta, thus ultimately tilting the states to Biden. And here we are today. In the end, it’s not what you know but that which you can prove. And unfortunately, these very same forces are capable of dismissing what ever evidence exists with the help of the national presstitute media. So don’t count on justice.

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