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Middle of the Road Republicans Need Not Apply

The leftist power structure has evil and selfish intent. Our leftist, progressive critics who are detached from reality, are not critical thinkers and who are willing to follow the unholy alliance in the administrations in both Maine and the federal government, are paralyzed by fear.

From climate change to Covid 19 to January 6 “domestic terrorists” to the evil terrorist parents protesting indoctrination at our schools they are being asked, rather, TOLD, to be afraid. They are easily made compliant.

Guess who offers them a safe haven. The progressives. So that’s where they go. Progressives will build windmills and solar panels to save the earth. They’ll arrest evil, flag waving conservative terrorists who go to Washington to protest an election or to a school board meeting to protest government sanctioned child abuse and racism vie critical race theory and gender theory, letting biological boys literally destroy girls sports and rape innocent girls in bathrooms which, for example, happened in Louden county Virginia. The administration then proceeded to cover that incident up. “Nothing to see here.” But now, if you don’t wear a mask to a Louden County School, that’s trespassing, which is a felony there.

If you’re a Christian as I am, maybe you think it’s the end of times. The signs are certainly there. But we have to continue to fight for what’s right like it’s not the end of times…because god said, we know not the hour.

We have an unbridled invasion at our southern border, including the southern border of Maine. Former Portland mayor and gubernatorial candidate Ethan Strimling welcomed it. Governor Mills put up a sign, welcome home. Now, while our own citizens and veterans sleep on the streets we’re welcoming invaders with no money and who don’t speak our language into a state with a poor economy at best and promising them things we can’t afford.

Why are there so many feckless Republicans in our state.The Democrats are ruthless and united.

For example, in 2020, the Maine legislative Democrats, led by Rachel Talbot Ross, went all out to destroy our Capitol Police Chief simply because he “liked” some posts on social media and they won!

The woman who still sits as house chair of the Criminal Justice Committee, Charlotte Warren of Hallowell, gave a social media shout out to her queers and gal pals saying that “straight white men shouldn’t be in politics…they’re too emotional.”At a censure hearing, I heard several Republicans saying, “well, that’s free speech…she has the right to do that.”She was neither censured nor asked to step down.

Russel Gauvin, the aforementioned chief, didn’t even SAY anything. Where was HIS freedom?

As for Warren, she may represent Hallowell but her votes and position effect all the people of Maine. Yet Republicans couldn’t even come together because many were afraid to take a stand. Cowards, I say!

Usually it’s the left that governs through feelings, not us. We govern through morality, constitutionality and what’s best for the people. Republicans who are afraid to take a stand and assert what’s right have no business running for office, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Next and perhaps most importantly, the government and its schools are using and abusing our most precious gift. Our children!Masks in school are killing our kids. Depression, drug use, alcohol use, suicide, way up. How is the first amendment even a right if our ability to peaceably assemble comes with a condition? Do you have a mask? Do you have your vaccine passport?

No and no? Then I’m sorry, the first amendment is null and void for you. You lack proper licensing to exercise your privilege.

This tyranny is neither Maine-like nor American.

So, why is the left forcing all of this bullshit?

Because if you’re vaccinated and wearing a mask, it makes the minority “feel” safe. It’s all about feelings. All about catering to the few at the expense of the many. It’s a hallmark of progressives.

My grandson has underlying conditions. He’s been vaccinated and he dutifully wears his mask. He’s had covid twice. Add to that, the “new normal” has emotionally scarred him and his friends. But it doesn’t matter to the evil and radical left. They’re following lord, god Fauci and his corrupt sycophants.

Then there’s the assault on girls and women, something that the “feminists” have been completely silent on. I wonder why? One transgender female, Lia Thomas, is breaking all records, beating 35 teammates in all races at the University of Pennsylvania. Where’s the fairness? These women are having their rights literally trampled all over. And Lia, the biological, has no apparent shame.

Further, all 35 women say they feel uncomfortable in the locker room with Lia, who has all of his male parts. Basically, they’re told to deal with it. By the way, Lia still is attracted to women.

Caitlin (formerly Bruce) Jenner even says that this is wholly unfair to biological girls and women.

My mantra is live and let live unless if effects someone else’s ability to live their best American life under the Constitution. When that happens, all bets are off and the unapologetic criticism, which will undoubtedly be called “bullying” by the left, will commence.

I don’t care what someone wants to do with their life…if a man wants to live as a woman or vice versa…’s up to them. It they need to do that to be happy, not my right to infringe on that. But don’t expect me to pay for the surgery and don’t expect to force yourself in to competitions against my daughter and granddaughter and deprive them of opportunities they’ve worked hard for.

Don’t even get me started on climate change. Faux journalist and progressive NBC activist Chuck Todd says the science is settled. You will see no climate change deniers on meet the press. That’s not journalism…that’s propaganda.

Fact is, there is another side. Progressives and the lying, faux progressive media don’t allow it to be spoken about.

In 6o years we’ve gone from global cooling to global warming to climate change. The polar bears should all be dead now. The arctic ice cap should be gone. The ocean should be lapping the border between Richmond and Gardiner (Maine).

And, for a flashback, whatever happened to acid rain and the hole in the ozone layer? It’s always something new. Science changes. We adapt. It’s happened throughout all of history.

Fact is, the climate is changing and mankind has little to do with it…but that doesn’t stop people like Angus King, John Baldacci and Janet Mills from wanting to destroy our economy and state with poison solar panels in our once beautiful pastures and windmills on our once scenic mountain tops.

Biden has killed fossil fuels with support from the progressives and is now begging OPEC and Russia for oil. Even as this shortage of fossil fuels and rising prices are occurring, we now have troops at the Ukraine border standing against Russia. That’s sure to be good for prices seeing as how we currently get a lot of oil from Russia, a non-OPEC member.

Meanwhile, our own borders are unguarded, Putin is in China talking with president Xi at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, China wants to take Taiwan and we’re depleting our military using Covid vaccine mandates and woke-ism. What could possibly go wrong?

If you’re a conservative and you don’t feel you can stand against all of these things and more, maybe you should re-think your candidacy. Thank you.

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