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Loudoun County School Board Under Fire For Covering Alleged Assault By Transgender Student

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Loudoun County, VA- A video of an irate Loudoun County father being arrested at a school board meeting has gone viral. Scott Smith, the father of a ninth grade girl sexually assaulted by a transgender student who "identifies" as female, spoke out against the school's inclusion of "transgender bathroom rights" at the meeting.

Weeks prior, Smith had been called to his daughter's school because she had been assaulted in the girls lavatory. The school administrator who called did not state the type or degree of assault of the fifteen-year-old girl. As if this isn't disturbing enough, the actions of the school principal and board are an added shock: they tried to cover up the incident and paint Smith as a perpetrator for causing a disturbance at the school.

Smith admits to behaving in a manner any parent would upon discovering his daughter had been violently assaulted on school property, then that the school wanted to handle the incident "in-house." Deputies eventually arrived and the minor was administered a rape kit at the hospital. Later that day, the school sent letters out to the students families downplaying the assault and offering counseling to any student adversely affected by witnessing Smith's outburst.

Angered and frustrated, Scott - along with many other furious parents - attended the June 22nd meeting, at which both Critical Race Theory & transgender bathroom rights were to be discussed. Upon hearing the superintendent declare the "parents had needless concerns over transgender students using bathroom facilities not in alignment with their biological gender," and that "no assaults of any kind had ever occurred in the school district," Scott confronted the board with his allegations.

A Pride-shirt wearing woman verbally harangued Scott, telling him she didn't believe his daughter had been assaulted, which lead to a heated exchange. Police officers at the meeting intervened, one taking Scott by the arm. Scott then jerked away from the officer, leading to his arrest. All of which was caught on tape.

Meanwhile, the fifteen-year-old accused rapist student was supposedly confined to house arrest pending an expected guilty plea to lesser charges. Later, it was learned that the same student - while under house arrest - assaulted another female student in another school.

In an ironic twist to the already appalling story, the local top elected (and ultra liberal) prosecutor appeared in court to personally prosecute Scott for disorderly conduct. This same official ran on a platform of ending mass incarceration, yet sought jail time for the misdemeanors, and wants him labeled a "domestic terrorist" and intend to pursue legal action. This, in the same state where Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, notoriously and ominously retorted, "parents [shouldn’t] be telling schools what they should teach." Based on the latest goings on in Loudoun County and across the country, there has never been a more critical time for parents to to be extra involved in what schools teach.

Elsa Kurt is the Amazon Best-Selling author of Welcome to the Family (Life Behind the Thin Blue Line) as well as over twenty-five books, a Law Enforcement Family Advocate, and Host of the Blue Family Unity Show . She's the proud wife of a 35 year police officer & Gulf War Veteran, and mother of two grown children.

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