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Los Comprachicos

The Movie “The Sound of Freedom,” has awaken in me old stories my grandmother used to tell me about little boys been taken and if ever seen again, were turned to hideous creatures… Yes, I was the kind of kid you had to scare to control. I still am according to my wife of forty years. What I am about to tell you can give you nightmares…

The word comprachicos is Spanish for buyer of children. Victor Hugo, in the phenomenal novel The Man Who Laughs, tells the story of a 17th-century youth featuring a peculiar facial deformity – his mouth is shaped so widely and openly that he perpetually appears to be laughing hysterically. The deformity was not congenital though. It was inflicted purposefully by a diabolical Iberian cult called the Comprachicos.

The Comprachicos‘ business was the physical reshaping of children and orphans, they would obtain mostly by kidnapping. A circus is in need of a man with the shape of a cone? The Comprachicos would plant a boy in a cone-shaped restraint for the duration of his childhood.

You need a persuasive beggar? The Comprachicos would find a girl, blind her and remove a limb to top it off. In any case, Hugo didn’t completely make things up. The practice of purposefully stunting and disfiguring children for the joys of kings and circuses is not unheard of in human history.

The horrific truth is that today, as it was in medieval times, the taking of children is a real thing. Children are taken by the millions every year, and there is no doubt that many of these children are destined to macabre endings from sexual exploitation to the satisfying of other even more horrific purposes.

Today’s fascination with mutilating children is out in the open with the Left’s obsession with Transgenderism. Chemical modification, surgical alteration, and vitality-suppression are not enough for the modern day Comprachicos.

The goblins and harpies of the public school system dump an unrelenting avalanche of anti-normal mainstream propaganda on America’s youth. With mandated “ethnic studies,” an annual liturgy of Black Month and Pride Month, and a never-ending dose of “equity,” America’s disfigured victims are programmed to despise themselves, their nation, and their own heritage.

The end result of this insanity is psychological disfigurement,which is becoming evident with each wave of Antifa rioters or maenads screaming for abortion, They are legions of disturbed youths, as unwholesome as they are insane, as angry as they are dysfunctional, as ignorant as they are resentful.

The old Comprachicos, as perverted and hellish as they were, at least did things for a simple motive, profit. Perhaps they even knew that they were evil. Perhaps at night, amongst the screams of horrifically tortured children, they even feared the wrath that would certainly come upon them in another world.

They thus worked under the radar, in the shadows of a chaotic world, leaving few traces and certainly not developing an ideology to justify their ways. Money was their motive and the wealthy and powerful paid handsomely for artificial dwarfs and other more macabre creatures.

The new Comprachicos, alas, are supported by our civilization’s most vocal moral sources – the universities, the media, celebrity culture. No longer is it required to perform the disfigurement in the dark; instead it is a virtue to do it as openly as possible, with vast evidence proudly recorded to support career advancement and personal prestige.

Even Hugo could have never imagined such horrors. A gaping mouth in perpetual laughter seems indeed almost comforting by comparison. When will we have the courage to say no more.

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