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Limousine Liberal, A Study On Hypocrisy

The term "limousine liberal," was coined in 1969 to describe wealthy liberals, often found in powerful, high profile positions, particularly in political office including Fortune 500 CEOs, such as in Facebook, Google, and Twitter. These wealthy liberals profess to care for the less fortunate, but do nothing about it while being driven around in chauffeured limousines.

One thing these busybodies all share, besides power and money, is the obsession of telling others how to live. Often their daily routines provides little benefit to the poor, and many of the policies they advocate, tend to make it difficult for others to become wealthy like themselves, while they live lives of luxury and privilege.

A typical policy supported by limousine liberals is to increase tax burdens on the American family. They bemoan that they don't pay enough taxes so they can make the point that everyone should pay more. Warren Buffet once said his secretary, paid more taxes than him. True, but he failed to mention that while he paid himself a modest $100K a year, he paid his secretary $250K a year, so yes, she paid more in income tax.

My father always said that if you have to embellish the truth, omit key details, tell half-truths or lie in order to validate your position, then you have no righteous argument, for what good can come from deception? Another example is how these hypocrites shed tears for public school funding, but send their kids to the best of expensive private schools. It is the hypocrisy of "do as I say, not as I do."

One great example of a Limousine Liberal, is none other than the Progressive Demigod, Barack Hussein Obama. After the end of his presidency, Obama spent much of his time vacationing in very exclusive and elite locations around the world. He spent even more time with left-wing celebrities, such as when he spent Good Friday, 2017, on a $300 million yacht with other limousine liberal celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfrey.

In addition, Obama accepted a $400,000 speech backed by Wall Street, something that stunned even many liberals. Despite the criticism over the speech, Obama gave another $400,000 speech shortly afterwards in May 2017, when he traveled to Italy to give a speech on climate change whiling riding a pollution-spewing aircaft to get to his destination.

On June 6, 2017, Obama gave yet another $400,000 speech to the Chamber of Commerce in Montreal, Canada, in which one of the topics he spoke about was a warning against "income inequality" and the concentration of "wealth" in the hands of a few elites. In August and September 2017, Obama made a combined $1.2 million from three Wall Street speeches. And this is from a man who, after eight years in public office, on a government salary, bought a house in an exclusive neighborhood in D.C., for $8.1 million dollars. It gets better.

In December of 2019, Obama purchased a 6,900-square-foot waterfront home, on 29 acres in of all places, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, the quintessential abode of the rich and powerful. Three years later, the house is now valued close to $20 million dollars. How a man turned his $400,000 dollars a year salary, into paying for two properties worth almost $30 million dollars, should be a study in economics.

And of course there is Joe Biden, probably the most prolific of all the District of Columbia grifter politicians. Altogether, Biden has been in the government of the United States for almost 50 years. Reflect on that for a moment. He was elected to his Senate seat at the age of 29. In 2009, Biden's claimed net worth, was reported to be less than $30,000. If you believe that, I got a toll road for sale. But if true, then the implications are serious. According to the financial disclosures Biden, and his wife Jill provided in 2019, Biden in 2017 and 2018 alone, earned more than $15 million!

How does a man on a government salary of $235k a year, and who spent 8 years in the shadow of his boss, Obama, make this kind of money? Given what you all know by now, must I say it? Selling access to and influence in the government of the United States that's how! What do you think his son Hunter, was doing? He was selling his father and his connections in Oligarchy of the United States. Let's add a few more.

Michael Bloomberg is another classic Limousine Liberal. He spends much of his time and money, trying to take away the right of the poor to meaningful self-defense, by promoting and backing, a multitude of anti-gun activist organizations, all while he lives in a fully protected environment of men carrying the guns he wants to make unavailable to the poor. Hypocrite!

Bernie Sanders, despite advocating for Socialism, is a millionaire, who once was thought to be in the top 3.8% of earners, but who is actually in the top 1% according to his tax returns. In addition to having a seven-figure income, Sanders owns three expansive houses, and just in October 2018, he spent $300,000 on air travel alone. Hypocrite!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest of the Squad, pretends to speak for and come from poverty, but she grew up in the white privileged suburb of Westchester County, which has a base household income of almost $100,000 dollars and net worth of $1.2 million – one of the highest in the country. Westchester County happens to be the home of the Clintons and Rockefeller estates. After her election to Congress, AOC moved into a luxury apartment that does not offer affordable housing – despite the fact affordable housing was an important part of her campaign platform. Hypocrite!

Now you have an understanding of what the Limousine liberal pejorative term is. It clearly illustrates the hypocritical behavior by political liberals of upper class, or upper middle class status. The label stems primarily from the unwillingness of limousine liberals to practice the views they purport to uphold, such as calling for the use of public transportation, while frequently using privately owned luxury transportation, especially gas-guzzling armored limousine SUVs or private jets, as in the case of the extremely affluent, such as John Kerry, while claiming environmental consciousness.

Or those ostensibly supporting gun control while surrounded by layers of armed security. Or those condemning the building of a border wall while living inside walled compounds. Or the Covid psychosis of forcing us to wear masks while they didn't. Or the obsession with the killing of unborn children, while calling for the abolition of capital punishment for murderers. Hypocrites all!

I don't know about you but I can't take the hypocrisy anymore.


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