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Leftists: The Obsession With Power And Control

The leftists obsession with power and control reminds me of a SciFi movie with Robert Duvall called THX 1138. It is a 1971 American film directed by George Lucas, in his feature film directorial debut. It is set in a dystopian future in which the populace, live in large underground cities, are identified by a numerical codes, no names, and are subject to the mandatory use of drug cocktails that suppress emotions and promote conformity, which is enforced by a merciless android police that monitors and crushes perceived dissenting behavior.

If you study the present state of our country, you realize there is a certain level of madness required to reach where we are today as a society. I think most of us instinctively feel this and know it. However, we must try to understand the mechanics of it because insanity has a structure, believe it or not, and there are ways to analyze it and identify it.

For example, there are many forms of mental illnesses that stem from a variety of obsessive preoccupations. Approximately 1% of humanity suffers from a pathological need to have power and control over others, and the recognition that accompanies it, and as such, they are often found as CEOs of fortune 500 companies. But most alpha type psychopaths have a natural tendency to gravitate towards political office, while the betas fill most bureaucratic managerial positions in government.

Did you know that, the greatest concentration of psychopaths in the country, are found in the District of Columbia? I'm not jesting. Only Hollywood comes second.

Now let's talk more about the OTHER psychologically unstable people, the 5%-10% of the population, that psychopaths exploit as a mob, or army of foot soldiers, to frighten everyone else into conformity and help them achieve their goals. The political left is most appealing to narcissists, sociopaths, the emotionally unstable, the criminally insane, the street rabble etc., and this attraction helps form a mob that can be easily exploited by the leftist establishment. These are the ANTIFA goons, BLM thugs and hundreds of other less violent, but equally destructive in their own way radical activist organizations, bankrolled by some of the world's richest people, such as one hedge fund manager in particular, Georgi Schwartz (he goes by another name today).

What I find amusing is that, establishment leftists in every agency in our government, actually believed that THEY were the underdogs and that they were fighting a “revolution” against the establishment. Remember when Trump was in office, all you heard was "join the resistance?" That's a clear example of this skewed perspective. A bizarre disconnect from reality as they were the establishment!

Remember the Deep State operatives Comey, McAbe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper and so many other leftovers from the Obama administration? They actually engaged in sedition when they all played their role in the attempted coup of a sitting President. Where are they now? Collecting their cushy taxpayer provided pensions, while making tons of money writing books on the dangers of the political right, running NGOs, or making speeches on college campuses corrupting the minds of the clueless youth, like McAbe recently did at the University of Chicago.

Ironically enough, every major institution of power and influence in our country today, from the media, to academia, to entertainment, to religion, to sports, and yes, even government, federal, state and local— this includes school boards and teacher's unions—is under the control of the political left and yet rebelling against the establishment. How can you be rebelling against the establishment if all your values coincide with the establishment’s agenda? Absurd isn't it?

The mainstream media and academia in particular, have gone hardline in favor of leftist propaganda from critical race theory—CRT, to the LGTBQXY&Z agenda, to the identity politics of intersectionality, to feminism to socialism and centralization of power. Nearly every commercial, TV show and movie we see today, reflects a favorable far-left viewpoint or far left imagery, even though the majority of the population has no interest in their destructive ideology.

Big Tech and major social media platforms, ALL operate according to their militant leftist viewpoint. All of their terms of service rules and guidelines, are engineered to protect leftists from criticism and to "censor" and "cancel" conservatives and any moderates, that dares to speak up. The evidence overwhelmingly shows a left-leaning bias in Big Tech censorship with conservatives being booted off platforms for nothing more than citing verifiable facts. Facts, that challenge the official leftist narrative and views.

There are thousands of examples in the past few years, that illustrate the sheer rage leftists feel when they are faced with a free-thinking person. Their immediate reaction is to punish and destroy, rather than accept a different perspective and move on. But where does this mentality come from?

I think it’s a combination of a culture of narcissism coupled with a desperate desire for weak minded people to feel as though they are powerful. Leftists are commonly, the people you might call the “runners-up” in life. There are a lot of malcontents and socially inept failures in their ranks, that grow up feeling powerless. Instead of improving their lot by improving themselves and achieving something of merit, they instead blame others and the world for their lack of accomplishment and perpetual failures.

This mentality can also be seen with their academic degrees, which more often than not, exaggerates their intelligence, inflates their own self-importance and that of their accolades. One can get a masters degree in social sciences, or feminist studies, but how useful is that person in the real world? Being an activist alone is not a career. They produce nothing, so the only measure of their education and their life, is how much they can destroy, not how much they can create and contribute to society.

Leftist aren't just satisfied to be rid of conservatives and argumentative moderates from their “safe spaces." In reality, this does not satisfy them. They don’t want us to walk away, they want us to conform. Make no mistake. They want us trapped within their echo chambers and going along to get along, or, they want us erased. They want our reputations, our careers, our livelihood destroyed. How long before our very lives are threatened?

Leftists see people as property of the collective, and if you and millions of others walk away, this reflects badly on their ideology, which is unacceptable. This is why they are CONSTANTLY attacking or trying to take down conservative social media platforms. You would think they would be happy that GETTR exists, but they are miserable. Your freedom is their misery. Think about that for a moment; there are millions of leftists out there that "cannot abide your existence," if you are free to express anything that challenges their point of view or reality.

The pandemic paranoia, the lockdowns, the mandates, Big Tech, social media, cancel culture, are all means to an end. Leftists pretend they are humanitarians that care about the greater good, but this is a facade. It’s just another excuse to justify a deep seated thirst to micromanage the lives of others.

A classic tactic of the sociopathic left, is to take to the streets, disrupt society, burn and loot, destroy private property, victimize and terrorize people, then accuse those they perceive as their political enemies of being the culprit because of their institutionalized racism. They are projecting their psychosis on the rest of us while labeling us the bad actors. Just look at the MAGA trespassers of the Capitol, armed with phones taking selfies. The leftist establishment in Washington is obsessed with labeling them insurrectionists engaged in attempted violent overthrow of the United States. Absurd isn't it? Not to them.

C.S. Lewis said it best: "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."

It is time to end this political kabuki theater and call leftists what they really are—the insidiously destructive force in our country. THEY are the functionally insane malcontents.

Inspired by the writing of Brandon Smith

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