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Left Vs Right Aren't American Terms

Americans have a complete lack of understanding on what “Left” or “Right” really present. Not their fault, as most are a product of the substandard public education system or the schools of higher learning compromised with the saturation of "Cultural -Marxists," the origin of political correctness, the color revolution, ideological subversion, and the cancel and woke movements.

The terms first appeared during the French Revolution, when members of the National Assembly divided into those who were loyal to the Church and the King, sitting to the right of the president’s chair. And the secular progressive-revolutionaries, to its left. Those who were moderate in their positions, sat in the center. The terms Right and Left, as well as Center, came to be used to describe the nuances of ideology of different sections of the same assembly. Fast forward to today in America.

Socialism, the mother that gave birth to all versions of totalitarianisms—Communism, Nazism, Fascism, and China’s modern version today, Technostatism—first appeared in principle with Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto," in the 19th century, at the period of history that climaxes the major changes in economic and social organization that had begun in Great Britain, the previous century. And later, in other countries, characterized chiefly by the replacement of hand tools with power-driven machines. The argument can be made, that socialism dates back even further to the Jesuit Order, a very plausible argument, and indeed, many of their concepts are found in socialism, but we will leave that for another day.

Americans have been taught that Nazism and Fascism are movements of the Right. The organized talking points the presstitute media receives everyday from the Democrats in DC, emphasizes the term "right wing" in describing the MAGA movement and Conservatives in general, but this is a lie and WRONG, at so many levels.

Nazism and Fascism are both products of socialism. Both are proponents of big government, like Communism, but neither of which, can be categorized as a movement of the Right. Granted, in Europe the Nazis and Fascists were perceived to be to the right of the European political spectrum with their "national approach" and Communism to the left with their "international approach," but BOTH are products of leftism.

The true “Right” is Anarchism. No government. Total personal unaccountability. Unrestricted to do what you want without no one governing over you is the dream of all Anarchists. No ruling authority and no laws. But that in itself is not practical for a civilized society, given the basic human predatory instinct and lust for power. A world where the strong constantly preys on the weak.

The founding fathers understood human nature and history. They knew that some sort of government was necessary to keep the peace and promote prosperity. But given their experiences with another form of totalitarian government, the British Monarchy, they conceived a Constitution which granted civil liberties but provided for a government restricted both in its scope of mission and size. By the way, that’s not what we have anymore but that is the topic for another discussion.

In conclusion. Reject anyone who says Conservatives are right-wing, even if meant in a complimentary fashion. Conservatives are the real middle of the road Americans. Neither Left or Right. But, a little to the right of center.

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