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It's time to fight back against the radical left. Here's how.

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Christopher Adamo is no stranger to the toxic Leftist ideologies wreaking havoc across the country and around the world. He is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland, and he has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. In addition, Adamo has made his business to study, identify, and call out the lies that make the foundation of this dangerous agenda.

In a sit-down interview with The Elsa Kurt Show, Adamo discusses his book, Rules for Defeating Radicals: Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, the strategies they use to influence both, and how we can stop the dangerous doctrines from destroying our country.

In a time when more people are recognizing the pervasiveness of radicalism in our education systems, our media, and our government, Adamo explains why acknowledging it is not nearly enough.

We are looking and watching these people - we see them win these battles - and we're going that shouldn't have happened, they should not have won that, why did we lose? I could go down a list of things to you and it really comes down to the Alinsky Strategy, which he wrote his book, Rules for Radicals in in 1971. It's key for us to understand who they are and how they work. He did not write the book, Rules for the Majority that want to insert Utopia on America, he wrote Rules for Radicals; how does a little fringe magnify its influence and undermine culture so it can force its way on us.

Adamo identifies the root and reason for why the radicalized Left has managed to claw its way into such a position of power.

We are we're trying to play by a certain set of rules of things that we understand - decency, interacting - you know, if you and I disagree on some particular issue we're gonna both try and talk about it for the purpose of let's figure out what the real truth is, because we wanna do the right thing. That's not how they operate. And when we assume that that's how they operate, when we treat them that way, what we do is we give them a toehold and from that point, they move in with their malignant strategy. Then when we're caught, you know, just by surprise or blindsided... we lose.

One of the most effective strategies used by the Left from Alinsky's book is the tactic of ridicule. A prime example of this in use is cancel culture. Anyone who says or does anything outside the approved behaviors and thoughts becomes a target of merciless attack until the offender is either reduced to conforming or disappearing, and the latter is usually at the expense of losing their reputations and livelihoods.

However, Adamo stresses the importance of the third option: fighting back.

If you're aware of what they're up to, and if you understand what their real motives are and how they operate, then it's a little bit like - I can't come up with a better analogy, but - you hear these people, where their spouse was cheating on him for several years, and when they finally get slightly exposed, it's like, Oh yeah I should have looked at this and this and that and that and that I should have connected the dots back then, and for some reason I just didn't do that, it's the same sort of thing where once you point out what these people are up to, then it's like they're waving a red flag. There are two premises to my book that boil it down to these two things. Very simple statements, very easy to understand, but until our side gets this, we're gonna continue to fail. The first one is that the Alinsky strategy only works on those who allow it. The minute you stand up to it, it ceases to have any effect on you. As a matter of fact, if you stand up boldly enough to it, it implodes and it backfires on those who are attacking. The other one is this one - I'd love to get challenged on this one 'cause it's a lot of fun - the Left never cares, underline the word never, never cares about any issue any cause they claim to champion. Never. It's always a matter of using the situation to gain political leverage, using the plight of others suffering, of others fear of others, to gain political leverage. If we can grasp those two concepts, they are 99% neutered against us.

He used Donald Trump as an example of someone who never backed down or apologized for any of the accusations the Left cast his way, and who therefore garnered the admiration of millions while further infuriating the Left by not buckling under the weight of their mockery, ridicule, misconstruction of words, and so on. Adamo compared Trump's steadfastness and success to that of Rand Paul, who gained great popularity amongst the Right... until he caved under their pressure and apologized (wrongly) to a female reporter for the audacious crime of treating her the same way he would a male reporter.

Adamo utilized these examples to demonstrate the imperativeness of not apologizing for perceived or projected wrongs fabricated by the Left.

Rule number one from my Rules for Defeating Radicals. Rule #1 never apologize unless an actual wrong has been committed. And then you've got to be very specific, so they understand that what you're apologizing for is some specific thing here, and not what they say you're apologizing for.

One might ask, what is the ultimate goal and purpose for using such nefarious, disruptive methods? The answer is painfully simple and direct, as Adamo explained.

It's all about acquiring and maintaining power. Saying there may be some amongst their ranks who are still willingly stupid enough to believe/hoping nonsense that if they get control, they can institute societal bliss, and everything. But if you watch what they do to anybody who stands in their way - you'll have this this ethereal concept of the greater good, society is gonna be wonderful after this genocide, after we run everybody into the poor house, we destroy the middle class... Look at the things they're doing to us right now. But down the road, we're going to build back better, right? And it's always a matter of making some sort of utopian promise for the naive to get in there and get in line and say, yes we want this, we will overlook, and then you start overlooking everything before long you're overlooking blocks in concentration camps.

When asked about his book cover - a depiction of a house of cards - Adamo explained it as an illustration of the very foundation of Leftist logic - meaning it can't stand up to real logic. He expounded the prime examples of that very so-called-logic.

It was the left saying, follow the science, right? Yeah, okay. The crowd that says follow the science tells me a man can become a woman, unborn child is not a human being, the earth is gonna incinerate itself in 2006 - this is 2022 - socialism leads to freedom and economic bliss, Hillary is honest, Joe Biden is coherent... and these are the objective people telling me to follow the science? I don't think so.

When asked what he hoped for readers to learn from his book, Adamo stated:

It's so necessary for people to start fighting smart. We don't fight smart. But the other thing is that - these principles - we can apply them on an ongoing basis, on a day-to-day basis. What are they up to today, how do these rules apply, because that's the way to get people to understand that this is the game that they're playing. We've been playing according to their rules and losing, and so this is how in this situation we change it. There are three major things that I do. Number 1, I identify who leftists are. The first chapter is on how their primary motivation is arrogance; that's why they do such stupid things, is because they go into it believing that they're good people for doing this. So, [for example] if we look at a 6-foot-tall guy on a women's swim team and we call him a woman, that makes me a good person. It blinds you to the fact that you're telling a bold-faced lie, but you feel good about yourself because on that premise, the mob - the leftist mob - is that you're a good person. So, we talk about who they are, what motivates them, the hypocrisy. Then I talk about how they operate. How the sleights - the political and the verbal sleights of hand - that they pull in front of us to where, all of a sudden, they're on this vaunted phony moral high ground, and we're fighting on defensive. Step two is how they operate. Step three obviously is then my own set of rules what can we do about this and - spoiler alert - when you start reading the rules, they're almost anti-climactic because this is not a magic pill. It's simple and it comes down to you don't play the game by their rules, and you stick with the truth, and there's obviously there's a lot more to it, it's a lot more elaborate. I explain how to do that, how not fall into snares, but that's it; thirty-three short parts on who they are, how they operate, and how we can defeat them.

You can find Christopher Adamo's book here: Rules for Defeating Radicals: Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture To read articles by Chris, check him out HERE

Listen to the full interview with Elsa Kurt: HERE or, watch HERE & HERE


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