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It’s Over For The Freedom Seeking Cubans

Cuba’s uprising is over. The brigades of rapid response, known as the “Special National Brigade,” and called by its Spanish acronym “BEN,” (goons), which received special training from members of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force, a paramilitary force that specializes in riot control and fighting terrorism, effectively crushed the protesters with a level of coordinated violence the Cuban people could not withstand. And the United States did nothing. Hundreds of what Cubans call “desaparecidos” are nowhere to be found.

BEN troops are trained in multiple strategies, from shock intervention tactics to overwhelming kinetic action, among other methods of suppressing the population. China is world class expert in silencing their citizens and cutting off any sign of political opposition or public disagreement that calls into question the alleged totalitarian support for the Communist Party. And the Cuban goons have been in training on the island by the ChiComs for six years now.

Cuba has not been able to provide basic necessities to its impoverished nation for decades, but enjoys an unlimited budget for repression. Members of BEN, which was established in 1980, are known as the "Black Berets.” Their purpose is to handle an assortment of special ad-hoc situations, and are often mobilized to frighten and repress dissidents, opponents and independent activists by their mere presence.

The lack of support for the Cuban protesters from Biden’s administration has been extremely disappointing. Which reinforces the rumor floating around that Cuba, still has nuclear missiles left behind by the Soviets as a deterrent for the US to intervene on the island on behalf of the people. It would explain a lot.

However, to be fair, the Treasury Department under Biden’s administration, did impose sanctions on Cuba's defense minister, Álvaro López Miera, and the Black Berets for their suppression of the peaceful protests, which in reality amounts to nothing.

China and Cuba are connected in many ways. In addition to their military ties, the two communist nations maintain a strong trade relationship. Whatever the Cuban regime needs, the ChiComs send. China's relationship with Cuba was truncated following the Sino-Soviet split, in which Cuba allied with the Soviet Union. However, following the fall of the Soviet Union and the dramatic withdrawal of Soviet subsidies for Cuba, China strengthened its relationship somewhat by stepping into the breach.

China uses Cuba as a platform for many of its regional intelligence and security operations. This includes a signals intelligence station used to intercept communications in the United States. China has also helped create Cuba's internet and communication infrastructure and the

algorithms to monitor and control information. This is how Cuba has gone “dark.” The anointed Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, has been able to disable the internet by flipping a switch, using China’s internet technology.

So sorry Cubans. Looking to your neighbor to the North, you know the one, that shinny beacon of freedom on the hill, well it faded long ago, as Americans themselves, are beginning to realize their country is changing. Today you can still drive to the other side of the country without asking anybody for permission. Tomorrow, well that's another matter.

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