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Is Trump And MAGA Semi-Fascists? No If You Know Real History

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Today, the adjective “Fascist” is an epithet often mixed promiscuously with “white supremacist." It is used by the Progressives in the Democrat party to besmirch, marginalize and disempower conservatives, or whoever challenges them in the arena of ideas or exposes their hypocrisy. But to effectively understand the term we must go back several decades.

During the early 20th century, three ideologies flourished with shared similarities, various degrees of differences, and even interaction between them. Soviet Socialism no longer exists. The ChiCom and DPRK models are very different in their own fashion from original Marxism. China’s today is a blend of Commie-Crony-Capitalism, and North Korea’s is a veneration and devotion to a God-like leader, or a Cult. Only the one not inclined to colorful banners, fancy uniforms, or military territorial expansion, the American version, survives today. Progressivism.

The lack of recognition of this is not entirely the fault of those who call others Fascist. This knowledge has been intentionally omitted from school books, avoided in intellectual discussions for decades, and eventually altered. Before WW2, everyone knew that Fascism was a product of Socialism and as such, of the “Left.” But when American soldiers entered the concentration camps in Europe, and those ghostly, emaciated, incoherent figures stumbled out, immediately Fascism in any form, became indefensible.

This occurred at the time Progressives were consolidating their power in the three cultural megaphones of America, the Media, Hollywood and Academia, and they knew they had to distance themselves from that horror.

The progressives realized that the Democrat party, where all of them where to be found, would not survive when Americans came to realize that progressivism was a sort of "American soft-fascism." So they set out to change the perception and convince future generations that fascism was a product of the the Right. The Fact that, European fascists, view themselves to the right of communists in the European political spectrum, helped progressives spread the deception. And here we are today. Trump, MAGA and Conservatives, are called Fascists, by Fascists.

I must also make the point not to confuse progressivism, with the American Socialist Party. They indeed shared much of the same fundamental principles, but the American Socialist Party, and the American Communist Party, looked to Moscow for marching orders, just like the American Nazi party looked to Germany for guidance. In contrast to their domestic counterparts, progressives were uniquely American. It was an in-house concept, not intended for exportation, nor subject to foreign influence. Today, they are globalists. But where does progressivism originate?

The roots of Progressivism are largely found in the religious movements of the early 1800’s and the Reform movements that followed Reconstruction of the South, and lasted until World War I. To be fair, late 19th century progressivism, was an effort to cure many of the ills and injustices of American society that had developed during the great spurt of industrial growth in the last quarter of that century. But early 20th century American progressivism, became imbued with strong political overtones of the collectivist philosophy of centralized power and social planning that was emerging out of Europe. At this time, progressives also rejected the church as the driving force for change in Society.

In essence, both the American progressive movement and Italian fascism, focus on the advancement of society through workers syndicates, the merging of corporations with government for economic development—corporatism—the embracing of science and technology, and social restructuring to improve the human condition. But all that comes at the cost of individual freedom and the overreaching power of the state. American Progressive hero and President, FDR, was so impressed with Benito Mussolini‘s Italian Fascism, that he sent an American delegation to Italy under his trusted Advisor, Rexford Tugwell, to study it. Tugwell, upon his return from Italy said: “Fascism is the cleanest, neatest, most efficiently operating piece of social machinery I’ve ever seen. It makes me envious.” You don’t believe me? It’s a matter of public record.

In fact, FDR’s National Recovery Act (NRA), aka Blue Eagle Campaign, the most important of his New Deal programs, were directly modeled on Italian fascism. Furthermore, FDR’s man to run the NRA—not the pro-2A organization of course—was General Hugh Johnson, who was such an avowed admirer of Fascism, that he even carried a fascist propaganda pamphlet, “The Structure of the Corporate State,” written by one of Mussolini’s advisers, his Minister of Education, Giovanni Gentile, a major intellectual philosopher of Fascism.

The word Fascist and it’s symbolism, comes from the Italian word “Fascio” meaning bundle of sticks, which emerged from the word “Fasci” used by Italian trade unions or trade syndicates. Although Benito Mussolini, Fascism’s artificer and personifier, died in 1945, Fascism’s socio-political paradigm, the “administrative state,“ is very much alive and revered in our present time, represented by none other than the Democrat Party.

Unlike the Democrats’ long recorded, but conveniently ignored, history of racism, Mussolini didn’t care about race. In fact Fascism isn’t racist at all, except for the German and American versions. Mussolini’s long time mistress, Margherita Sarfatti, was Jewish. In fact, over ten thousand members of Italy’s Fascist Party, were Jewish. One of Mussolini’s principal tasks was to unite people—from Lombards, to Sicilians, Venetians, to Romans, and Neapolitans—some of whom spoke mutually unintelligible dialects and who looked quite different, had different habits, and who generally did not like each other, into feeling as part of the same nation. It can be said that, the only difference between FDR’s progressivism and Mussolini‘s Fascism, was the inherent racism of the Democrats. Some of which, was adopted by the Nazis in their “Nuremberg Laws,” or policies towards Jews. More on that later.

After Franklin Roosevelt’s inauguration in 1933, Mussolini’s enthusiasm for likening the New Deal to fascism’s political-economic order, was tempered only by the need “not to give additional ammunition” to FDR’s domestic opponents, who were saying precisely that. Yet, ab initio, he made clear that “the spirit of [FDR’s program] resembles fascism’s since, having recognized that the state is responsible for the people’s economic well-being, it no longer allows economic forces to run according to their own nature.” Mussolini also published a glowing review of U.S. Agriculture Secretary (eventually Vice President) Henry Wallace’s 1934 book, “New Frontiers.“ Fascists rejoiced that FDR had forsaken traditional American liberalism for corporativist principles, and that the world’s most powerful country, the country most admired by Italians, had taken the trail that they, the Fascists, had blazed.

Until 1935, the Democrats did not hide the FDR administration’s kinship with what the Fascists and Communists were doing to redirect the societies over which they ruled. Even then Secretary of the Interior, Harold Ickes, observed that: “What we are doing in this country is analogous to what is being done in Russia and even under Hitler, in Germany. The only thing is that [we] do it methodically.” FDR himself referred to Mussolini and Stalin as “blood brothers,” and spoke of having private contacts with Mussolini and I quote: “Mussolini is interested in what we are doing, and I am struck by how much of his doubtless honest programs to reform Italy he has accomplished.”

By 1942, in Wickard v. Filburn (still law today), the SCOTUS approved regulation of all manner of enterprise with reasoning stricter than any Mussolini had dreamed of in 1926. Today, by the same token, Senator and 2020 presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren’s proposed “Accountable Capitalism Act,” would force corporations to enroll into a legal scheme in which, the government, would force them to accept government regulators as some stakeholders who would help decide corporate policy. Such American legislative tools are indeed, far more powerful than the Italian fascist billy-clubs of yesteryear. Enough said, let’s look at the Nazis.

The pejorative “Nazi” is another of the Left’s favorite terms of abuse, which they hurl freely at those who disagree with them. But who really was a Nazi? Well, in layman’s term, a Nazi was a racist Fascist. Yes, that simple. It is important that we understand where the Nazis stood ideologically and where they got most of their racist policies. Being clear about who the German Fascists were, will be of great value. For one thing, this knowledge will help us identify those elements in our own political landscape that are ideologically allied with them. This, in turn, will enable us the moral clarity to protect ourselves against these elements.

Besides Mussolini, the German Fascists were also very fond of the American Democrat Party. It provided them with a template from which to draw their racist decrees. All they had to do was replace the word "Colored“ or “Black” with Jewish, and that they did in September of 1935, when the Nazi leaders announced the “Nuremberg Laws,” which came out of a special meeting of the Reichstag, convened during the annual Nuremberg Rally of the Nazi Party.

For those of you that don’t really know what Nazi stands for other than the intentional mischaracterization you hear repeatedly, the full name of this political party was the "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei,“ or "National Socialist German Workers Party.“ Notice the terms “Socialist” and “Workers” in the name. They immediately betray the nature of this organization. Nazi is the English language acronym.

As a Socialist, Adolf Hitler, was a leftist and therefore belongs on the "Left“ side of the political spectrum. As I previously explained, this is part of a big lie that has been engineered and spread by the progressives in the Democrat party, anxious to distance themselves from their notorious kindred spirit after WW2.

What gave them a cover for their obfuscation was Hitler’s very pro-German nationalism, which he superimposed on his socialist underpinnings. Hitler’s savage fight with the Marxist-Socialist Stalin, convincingly muddied the waters just enough to make the lie possible. The truth, however, remains that Adolf Hitler, was a socialist, like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel and and Che Guevara.

As I mentioned, the Nazis established the Nuremberg Laws, which institutionalized many of the racial practices prevalent in the Democrat Party, particularly in the American South. One of its major principals was German lawyer Heinrich Krieger, the single most important figure in the Nazi assimilation of American race law.

Krieger, spent the 1933–34 academic year in Fayetteville, Arkansas, as an exchange student at the University of Arkansas School of Law. Krieger witnessed first hand the Jim Crow practices of the Democrats. Fact, every Jim Crow law passed and signed, was done so by Democrat controlled legislatures and governors. Try disputing that!

The Nuremberg Laws heralded a Dixiecrat wave of racist legislation that brought about immediate segregation of the Jews, in the way Jim Crow laws segregated blacks. Although no one really ever existed named Jim Crow, the name comes from a fictional character used to perpetuate racism and segregation throughout the South through laws and decrees.

The laws to be enacted by the Nazis, gradually took away civil and private property rights, transforming Jews into second class citizens and outcasts. Sounds familiar? However, the Nazis had a conundrum. They couldn’t always tell who was Jewish, other than by the recognized Orthodox stereotype.

Jews had been engaged in intermarriage with none Jews in Germany for centuries. But the Democrats once again presented a solution. In America, a black was anyone who had a single drop of black blood. But to the Nazis, this was too shockingly racist, so the Nuremberg Laws instead, defined anyone as Jewish, who had at least three Jewish grandparents.

If you should think that comparing the Democrat’s racism to that of Hitler‘s is an exaggeration, you need to look no further than the striking affinities between the American Progressivism and European Fascism, which are painfully obvious and cannot be ignored.

Their shared aversion to freedom of speech, silencing of opposition, cancel culture, political correctness, censorship, intimidation of opponents, the all powerful state hand in glove with big business, and their positions and instincts, are all practically indistinguishable.

Add the element of racism, and the Democrat Party and the Nazis, hail from the same psychological and ideological root. Just different cultures and countries. As we would expect from Hitler’s ideological kin, the concept of their nation also plays a central role in the Democrats’ agenda.

But there is a major difference. While Hitler’s nationalism was positive in orientation—he extolled the German Fatherland and culture—the Democrats’ nationalism is negative—they denigrate their own country and their culture.

I understand your uneasiness at these revelations. It’s hard to accept that which challenges our belief system. But what I’ve said is verifiable. You can search all of this but it will require unbiased pragmatism. It’s equally difficult to come to terms with the notion that an American Party, maybe your party, could be imbued with such a dark and disturbing past, yet be viewed as the champions of diversity by so many minorities, which flock to it.

But there’s a purpose to that. The Democrat party cleverly cast aside their creation, “white nationalism,” and replaced it with “ethnic nationalism,” The politics of intersectionality. I’ll grant you that the leadership of old and their openly racist inclinations, “may” be a thing of the past, but the Democrat Party is full of self-proclaimed Socialists, peddling quintessential fascist government policies, and by definition, that’s what a Fascists is.

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