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Is Average Enough?

It’s common to see people who’ve faced tremendous adversity in life turn their lives around through finding and practicing their faith in God. We hear and see the beautiful, heartfelt transformations from terrible sinners to believers and cheer them on as they conquer their demons and addictions. It’s a beautiful, motivating, and inspiring sight.

But what about the average nothing-unusual-to-see-here people who’ve committed to a relationship with Him? We don’t have the powerful testimonies of being at the very bottom of the well and becoming saved. We’re not at the podiums sharing our salvation. We’re just… here. Quietly pouring our hearts out to God, living lives of gratitude, seeking peace through Him, and being... average.

Averageness. It’s a wonderful thing when you think about it. Or when you think of it in this perspective: How blessed are we to have only borne the "typical" struggles of life: be it work challenges, family difficulties, financial worries, the inevitable losses of loved ones? *That last one might have you scratching your head at the use of blessed and losses in the same sentence. But, yes, through the lens of proper perspective, we know the blessing for us was in having them in our lives for however long they were here. The blessing for them is eternal life with the Father.

And as for the Father, He loves you whether your story is extraordinary or unremarkable. He doesn't care about any of that. He cares about you, your relationship with Him. It's okay if your salvation story isn't grand. It's better than okay. Your relationship with God will still be as awesome, life changing, and deep if you choose to have one. He wants you to talk to Him every day, tell Him your small problems and big, share your gratitude with Him, ask for his guidance. No one is insignificant in His eyes. How blessed are we!

I will give up whole nations to save your life, because you are precious to me and because I love you and give you honor. Do not be afraid- I am with you!

Isaiah 43:4

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