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Introducing Co-host Clay Novak: From Battlefield to Book Writing and Beyond

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Join us for a fascinating exploration into the life of Clay Novak, our new co-host. Clay, a five-tour combat veteran, offers a treasure trove of experiences and insights that are sure to captivate our listeners. From his military service to his transition to the civilian world and his journey as an author, this episode takes us on a thrilling journey through Clay's life.

Clay candidly discusses the unique bond shared between veterans, shedding light on the camaraderie that forms in the face of shared experiences and challenges. He opens up about the discomfort many veterans feel when thanked for their service, offering a nuanced perspective on what it means to serve one's country. This discussion not only deepens our understanding of the veteran experience but also underscores the importance of fostering genuine conversations about it.

Clay's adventures go beyond the battlefield. A passionate paratrooper, he recounts his exhilarating jumps with the Phantom Airborne Brigade, capturing the thrill and adrenaline that accompanies such an experience. His love for paratrooping is a testament to his adventurous spirit, a trait that translates well into his other passion: writing.

Transitioning from the military to civilian life is a journey fraught with challenges, and Clay walks us through his personal experience. He discusses the birth of his much-anticipated novel, 'Keep Moving, Keep Shooting,' revealing how he navigated the complex publishing process. Clay's story resonates with readers, a testament to his skill as an author and his ability to create compelling narratives.

But the episode doesn't stop at exploring Clay's military experience and writing endeavor. We delve into the political climate surrounding the 2020 US Presidential Election, dissecting the potential implications it holds. The conversation touches on potential challengers, the influence of the Kennedy name, and Vice President Kamala Harris's sway. We explore the increasing voice of the middle class and consider the potential ripple effect a third-party candidate could have on the election outcome.

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