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In Proportional Perspective

Recently updated CDC data is stunning but has been largely unreported and ignored by the presstitute mainstream media. Why? Because it challenges the narrative that the world is ending. That everything bad that’s happened is Trump’s fault, the decimation of the economy, the job losses, the infections and deaths. Put your pre-conceived biases aside and look at the hard numbers.

A CDC report showed that 94% of those said to have died from Covid-19 alone DID NOT die from the Coronavirus at all. In fact, the 94% that died, who were claimed as Covid deaths, had on average 2.6 other co-morbidities evident (the simultaneous presence of two or more other diseases). This means that the virus is directly responsible for only 6% of the total number of deaths to date. Let’s do some math.

According to the CDC's latest Covid numbers, as of October 12, 2021, there have been

44,401,209 confirmed cases with total deaths at a total of 714,243 (highly disputable but we will play Devil's advocate). That equates to a mortality rate of 0.016%. Let that sink in for a minute.

What this means is that, a Flu-like virus, has been used as a “weapon of submission” plain and simple. We have been fed LIES on top of LIES, which have been used to panic people into voluntarily submission or surrendering of their freedoms and liberties. In many cases, state and city governments have used draconian measures to forced compliance of tyrannical mandates. Livelihoods have been destroyed. Small businesses, the backbone of the American economy, have been decimated of which, an estimated 100,000 such businesses will not return. Life savings exhausted. Children’s learning disrupted.

And for what? A disease so incapacitating that you must be tested to know you have it and so deadly that you must be threaten to take the vaccine. Although the numbers have changed today from last year, the mortality rate hasn't. WE have allowed ourselves to become Lemmings. We have allowed the media to scare us to death. We have been forced to quarantine, submit to wearing suffocating masks, keep our distance, fined and even tased and arrested for not complying. Our neighbors have been turned into snitches in their panic, and in some extreme cases, have assaulted people for non compliance. All in the name of protecting society from a Flu you have a 98.84% of surviving.

But who would protect us from ourselves

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