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If Republicans have the courage

Crunch time is fast approaching my friends, all you self-perceived ideological enemies of mine, all you leftist miscreants, and all you fail-passive American Lemmings. On the 6th of January, we will once and for all know by name, “who” the Establishment Republicans are in both Chambers of Congress or the fail-passive Republicans, by their action or lack thereof, when it comes time to count the Electoral College Votes. We will know then if the Republic stands and the if Rule of Law is reaffirmed.

We will also see if Vice President Pence is on Team Trump. If he is, he will call as the first vote, one of the seven, contested Swing States, then Constitution loyal Republican Representatives are to challenge the Electors, forcing both chambers of Congress, by “order of the US Constitution” to separately debate the issue for two hours, and then vote whether to accept the Democrat Electors or accept the competing slate of Republican Electors of that state. Vice President Pence can continue the challenge by calling on each of the remaining contested Swing States for a vote. The Constitution loyal Republican Representatives will then repeat the process of challenging the Electors of all of the six, remaining Swing States, until Joe Biden has lost enough Electors to no longer have 270 required Electoral College Votes.

This will force the 12th Amendment’s contingency election, as per the Constitution, and the procedural change to “one-vote-per-state Delegation” in the House of Representatives. This switches the majority from Democrats to the Republicans resulting in the re-election of Donald Trump in the House and a one-vote-per-state Delegate Vote in the Senate, resulting in the re-election of Vice President Pence. But there is more to be done, lots more.

Constitution loyal Republican Representatives should CHALLENGE ALL REMAINING STATES. This will require over 100 hours of debate in Congress. As a result, the Electoral College vote will take over 10 days, likely longer, buying Trump the time, while still “the Commander in Chief,” to take action to restore integrity to future elections, and honor the TRUE WILL of the American people NOT the will of the “Establishment Oligarchy, the criminally unethical Democrat election committees and their petty criminal poll officials”

Now is not the time to listen to weak-kneed, career politicians, bureaucrats and attorneys, who care more about themselves and where they will be working next year, than the fate of our nation. You need people who are ALL IN WITH YOU! From this point out there is no room for anyone, but PROVEN American Patriots in your circle of influence and your administration Mr. President. If the Courts and Congress are unwilling to peacefully save the Republic, it is time to prepare to make that tough decision on the morning of January 6th and DECLARE a National Emergency per your Executive Order of September 12, 2018. It is time to deploy the military to secure all voting machines, all ballots, and all signature cards in the contested Swing States. Is it time to verify the legality of EVERY ballot in every one of the contested Swing States.

Mr. President, you know and the vast majority of Americans know, that the 2020 Presidential Election was fraudulent. It is time to prove the fraud with a completely transparent, televised forensic audit of each and every ballot, signature card, and Dominion Voting Machine. It is time for YOU to take Executive Action and expose the truth, ARREST and PROSECUTE those who committed voter fraud, and seize the assets of ALL those individuals and entities who aided and abetted the enemies of our Republic in the greatest attempted theft of American elections in our history. ONLY THE MILITARY under Trump's command can be trusted to carry out their duty to follow orders in protecting and defending the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Command them Mr. President to do their sworn duty for the American people.

Mr. President, besides the US Military, the National Guard, the Reserves, and Law Enforcement, you have millions of citizen patriots in what is called Trump's Army. We are at your side, waiting for your orders. We ALL stand ready, willing and able, to assist you. The Overton Window on the spectrum of ideas on public policy and social initiatives that undermine our Constitution and emerging as acceptable by the general public, is fast approaching. When that window closes, the consequences are irreversible. You are the last beacon of hope for America. If this egregious lawlessness is not stopped now, it never will be corrected. You must act now. It’s the only way we restore the Rule of Law and remove the Establishment Oligarchy, which has committed countless generational crimes against our Constitution while enriching themselves at the expense of the taxpayer through a variety of schemes that also include treason.

You must not concede to this unconstitutional fraudulent farce. You must not step down, and you must not leave the White House in the hands of an illegitimate, fraudulent imposter who is a suspected agent of a foreign power and his closet-Marxist of a Vice President.

It’s the only way to save our Constitutional Republic. Anything less will result in business as usual for the Swamp, the Establishment Oligarchy, its Deep State of government pensioners and the perpetual rule of one unethical political party. The effects of which is our progressive demise and transition to the United Socialist Democratic States of America.

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