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How To Survive In Troubled Times

Usually, we save the best and most important message of a story for last. Not this time. The number one, most effective way to survive in troubled times is: God. I'm not talking a casual, call on ya when I need something relationship with Him. I'm talking about a deep, abiding faith and trust in the Creator. Here is what I consider the trinity of survival.

Spiritual Survival

It would be easy to laydown all the cliches and standard platitudes (which are all true, but not helpful) but instead, let's discuss what having faith does for you. In my mind, I see the below as our emotional/spiritual/mental spine... the thing that holds us up.

  1. Faith in God gives you strength. When you believe - and I mean Believe - God and his Angels are on your side, beside you, behind you, and in you, your emotional endurance skyrockets. How could it not when you have a literal Heavenly army surrounding you?

  2. Your Faith gives you purpose. God is clear in the path He wants you to walk. Whether you're seeking your purpose through Him, or He has opened your eyes to it already, understanding you DO have divine purpose here on this earth is probably one of the most profound realizations you'll ever have.

  3. God gives you courage. It's wonderful to have strength, but you need the courage to use your strength. It take courage to declare your faith in a world so seemingly against God. It takes courage to withstand the storms in life. And it takes courage to be a warrior for God.

When I titled this post, I debated between Troubled Times and End Times. There is a large part of me that believes we are in end times, not just troubled times. The notion of End Times is rightly a scary prospect to ponder. However, ignoring the possibility is not going to help.

Personally, I don't believe the world will implode or we'll all get wiped off the earth. I might be very wrong, of course, but that's what I'm going with. What I, and many others, do believe is that we are coming to the head of a long running, multi-faceted spiritual war. The devil is no longer being sneaky. He is in the open and taunting us because he believes he's going to win.

One only needs to look at the entertainment industry, the media (including social media), and politicians/world leaders to see the near manic push for broad acceptance of immoral and vulgar behavior, satanic worship, and glamorizing of mental illness as proof. As if that's not enough, look at their push for desensitization and indoctrination of children in their hedonistic lifestyle.

Practicing Belief

Belief is your entry ticket to your relationship with God. However, simply declaring your belief will only get you so far here on earth. Believers must be armed with knowledge and understanding of the Word because it is your shield. Spend time daily with God in his peace, and not just weekly or when it's convenient. I personally find both solace and strength in my time alone with God, where I thank him, ask his forgiveness, pray to him, and listen for his guidance.

Physical Survival

If your relationship with God is your spine, then perhaps your relationship with this earthly world is the rest of your body. God has given all the means for survival, all we need to do is utilize them. And since we're talking End Times, let's get a little bunker style survivalist.

  1. Food It should go without saying that we need to be able to hunt/forage for food, be able to recognize edible from poisonous.. Get a hold of a good guidebook and supplies like ones in *HERE . Before you ever get to the point of needing such skills, have at least a well-stocked pantry (yes, homesteading books are in my list!).

  2. Water Access to clean water is about as essential as it gets. Check HERE for useful supplies.

  3. Shelter Whether it's a man-made or natural disaster that strikes, finding or creating shelter is a priority. You guessed it, I have resources HERE.

  4. Medicine/First Aid Just as important as a well-stocked pantry is a well-stocked medicine & first aid cabinet. Since manufactured medicines have a shelf life, you'll also want to use your newly gained plant & homesteading knowledge. It is stunning how many herbal/natural alternatives are readily available in place of synthetic drugs. Click HERE for those resources.

  5. Self- & Home Defense In a perfect world, everyone is cooperative and kind. That's not our world, and it definitely won't be our world in End Times. Have not only the tools to defend yourself and your property, but the training to do so. If your state requires permits to carry, get it. Stock up. Practice. Guns are not the only option, of course. HERE are some other useful items to have.

Physical Survival Part 2

In a society heavy on processed food consumption, fad dieting, and "body positivity', we've become generally fat, lazy, and weak. Take back your health. Eat good food. Exercise a few days a week, get outside as much as possible. Focus on endurance and core strength. Your body and brain will not only thank you, but reward you.

Mental/Emotional Survival

As stated in the beginning, your first armament against all attacks on your safety and well-being is that of a strong relationship with God. But when we trust in God, we don't just sit back and say, 'Eh, God's got this, I don't need to do anything.' We trust Him to guide us, stand behind us, and to welcome us Home when it's our time. He needs us in the here and now to do His work.

Whether in regular or End Times, your mental & emotional health is a high priority. What (or who) in your life is bringing a constant toxicity? What are you allowing into your world that doesn't enrich or better your life? What excesses or addictions are you engaging in? (There is an amazing sermon series that addresses all of these things HERE .) Just as we need strong bodies, we need strong minds.

Perhaps you'll think this type of post is over the top, or an exaggeration of circumstances. To that, I would say this: "It is better to be a warrior in the garden, than a gardener in the war."

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Lifelong Patriot & longtime Police Wife, Elsa Kurt has channeled her fierce love and passion for defending the defenders as the creator, Executive Producer & Host of the Elsa Kurt Show , correspondent and media personality for Right America Media & Law Enforcement Today. Her book, Welcome to the Family (Life Behind the Thin Blue Line) has been called the “must have survival guide for new LEO spouses.”

The vocal LEOF advocate is also a multi-genre author who has penned over 25 books, including twelve contemporary women’s novels. Her fiction stories explore the complex and relatable experiences of everyday life – the love & laughter, the heartbreak & sorrow, and everything in between. She finds the extraordinary in ordinary lives and puts you in the front seat of every story. Elsa has also written several children’s books, all with themes of encouragement, empowerment & uplifting messaging.

In 2022, Elsa launched The Writer’s Tribe Talk Show, an audio & video podcast for authors & a line of author merchandise in her Writer’s Tribe Store with clothing and more for authors & aspiring authors. Elsa also created three lines of apparel, accessories, & home decor: EKS Store with show & first responder merchandise, iGoodhuman, and Very Sweary Stuff.

As of 2022, she is the current Vice President of the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association. Elsa has also embraced the fun and entertaining world of Tik Tok as theotherelsa.

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