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How The Puppet Master Obama Returns?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

If I may be allowed the latitude, I would like to state right up front that this piece will be controversial.  Not by design, but rather by the very nature of the subject matter. I am going to be using various sources that will not all agree, and that is by design. 

I am trying to portray an overview of possibilities, not to say that or this is the way things are. There are likely going to be many comments of variations, and that is a good thing because the purpose is to get people looking at those possibilities critically and with open minds. 

This is just my opening up some interesting scenarios that should be kept in mind as things develop and we can see what the actuality is rather than just my acknowledged limited view of some of the possibilities. That, and the length of the column dictates brevity that may, or likely will I should say, induces some misunderstandings. Please forgive me for that, but the option then arises of you doing your own research to open more light into the subject. That matter mentioned, let’s press on.

There were a few articles that got me thinking along these lines, but the one that I can point to that really got me thinking of the possibilities was one recent from World Net Daily, where they had the headline “Is Obama about to legally slither back as president?”

I found this to be very intriguing as I have considered that the CIA fabricated Manchurian

President is just waiting in the shadows for circumstances to precede his return. This WND article links back to one a few days previous in the American Thinker, where they opined:

"Watching Biden paw at Obama's shoulder only to have Obama aggressively ignore him is uncomfortable viewing.  Even if Obama has no respect for the man (and who would, given Biden's stupidity, incompetence, and corruption?), Obama, of all people, should show respect for the office.  But for Obama, the point of the presidency was never about the office itself…” it is all about him, he considers himself to be superior to the office and worthy of worship just like some demi-god in the least, or a real god as he is likely to proclaim himself if he hasn’t done so already.  “Meanwhile, an animated Kamala Harris also assiduously ignored her boss.  For her, Obama was the only man in the room.”

That excellent American Thinker article written by Andrea Widburg, continues an interesting journey into how this could occur; my premise is that Obama fully understands that, if Biden is ousted under the 25th Amendment, there are only two other idiots and incompetents to take his place, Harris and Pelosi.

Obama knows none of these nonentities will secure the transformation he promised America.  Instead, there are three steps to return Obama to the presidency: 

1. Have the Democrat establishment remove Kamala Harris from office, whether through threats or bribes or both.

2. Have the Democrats declare that, because world instability (Ukraine, Putin, China) puts us at unprecedented risk, only a politically seasoned person can be vice president, with Obama graciously accepting that role.

3. Oust Biden using the 25th Amendment. And voilà!  President Obama (again).  He can even have Stacey Abrams as his veep.

My own objections to this possibility is answered with this. The 22nd Amendment does not bar Obama from regaining the presidency this way.  It only stops him from being "elected to the office," and three steps above avoid an election. And yes, I agree this sounds crazy, but events since 2020 show that we really are nothing more than a fancy banana republic ruled by an Oligarchy of American elites.

And since we should already know that Obama is the one actually running the White House with Susan Rice and others acting as Biden's puppeteers, in that once honorable abode, the possibilities ring loud. And then there is Kamala Harris who still fantasizes she has a shot at the presidency when (not if) Biden is removed.

She was auditioning hard for the job, trying to show Obama that she'll do better than Biden at preserving and expanding the hard-left Obama legacy. However, Obama, who is an extremely smart politician, despite his arrogance and broken Marxist moral compass, a product of his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, among others, knows that Kamala is as bad as, or even worse than, Biden.

And since we know that they are in office illegitimately, from both a massive low-tech and high-tech voter fraud, much of it fed from an unprecedented mail-in voter campaign (same applies for the midterms), we can rationally name him just a “mail order president”, even though I never use the title President alongside the disgraced name of an aging caimiléir (Irish term) career politician, who for almost fifty years, has made himself and his family of grifters generationally wealthy, selling access to and influence in the government of the United States, Joe Buyden.

Inspired by the writing of Alan Barton

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