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History explains what is happening today!!

Communist Program for Revolution in America and BLM

In the 1960s, American author G. Edward Griffin, hosted a documentary warning America about a deadly infectious disease of another kind, infecting our country, Communist Revolution. He spoke of training manuals, propaganda and other printed literature, readily available in college campuses and bookstores. He spoke on how these how-to-manuals taught, would-be American revolutionaries, how to exploit our political system and our constitutionally guaranteed rights, and gain a foothold in American institutions and therefore, society. The plan for Communism in America was to be implemented in two phases, violent and non-violent.

Phase one, was the sudden seemingly emerging of a grass roots movement to petition the government for racial, social and economic injustices supported by protests to generate chaos, anarchy, mass confusion, panic, and a crisis in government. The intent was to create a vacuum of power and authority where the very law enforcement organizations and agencies charged with keeping the peace, were rendered powerless to do so. Arson was one of the many arrows in their quiver of improvised weapons and tactics. The Second stage, non-violent, was more insidious because it was to be conducted, peacefully and legally, by Americans in government and other influential institutions, in order to undermine American sovereignty from the shadows of anonymity, using the system to slowly and incrementally, implement changes in society transitioning towards a Communist concept of total control using socialist ideals and programs.

Griffin presented several examples of Communist literature intended to serve as manuals for American subversives. One such print was, “On the Nature of Revolution, the Marxist Theory of Social Change,” by Herbert Aptheker. He was an American Marxist historian and political activist. He wrote more than 50 books, mostly in the fields of African-American history. The Soviets focused heavily upon the black population in America. They recognized the raw materials abundantly available to exploit black’s grievances against America, and fan the flames of black liberation with a Communist flavor. BLM’s ideals are Marxist as professed by their leadership. Their goals and aspirations are drawn from those manuals, propaganda and Literature from the Cold War Era. BLM IS A MARXIST ORGANIZATION SEEKING VENGEANCE AND A COMMUNIST STATE WHILE MASQUERADING AS ADVOCATES FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE AND POLICE REFORM.

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