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Guns, A Public Health Crisis?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

"There are too many people, in too many places, making too many problems." Those are the lyrics from a 1980s popular song by Phil Collins. I will add my own version, "there are too many lunatic progressives, in too many institutions, with too much power, forcing their progressive lunacy upon us."

In recent days we have heard Biden say that America is in the midst of a gun crisis. That it is actually a "public-health crisis," adding: "Gun violence in this country is an epidemic." At the same time we now have heard the unelected bunch of scientists at the CDC say that racism is, you guessed it, "a public-health crisis." Social justice activists, aka agitators, are everywhere it seems, echoing the lie. You see where all this is going?

For authoritarian-minded American progressives (lunatics), the ChiCom-19 invented crisis, offered a convenient pretext to consolidate power. The crisis may inevitably subside, but autocratic politicians' dangerous expansion of power may be one of the pandemic’s most enduring legacies. Recognizing that the public is more willing to accept government power grabs in times of a declared "public health crisis," Democrat politicians see the ChiCom virus as an opportunity not only to censor criticism, undermine checks and balances on their newly found powers, expand digital surveillance, and address their secondary obsession. An obsession second only to power. Guns. Guns owned by whites, specifically.

Guns and whites are have always been seemed by lunatic progressives as connected. In a recent survey, more than half of all guns in America are owned by whites, while only 28% are owned by non-whites. And the largest gender group of gun owners are? Wait for it... White males of course! Followed by? White females. If that isn't a enema for self-hating, white liberal, anti-gun progressives (american leftists) or their foot soldiers (disgruntled minority activists) nothing is. And as the great tactician Sun Tzu, once said: "Attack one and you attack the other." I made that up but it makes sense.

The functioning lunatics that are running our country today, are in every institution from medicine to academia to journalism to entertainment, to science, I mean everywhere, and they are laying down the foundation for even more unconstitutional measures under the pretense of a "public safety emergency," just like the blatant violations of our civil liberties and destruction of our livelihoods with the ChiCom-19 pandemic. The lunatics will attack the 2nd Amendment and persecute whites, or anyone who questions, challenges, or just speak their minds against their lunacy.

Mark my words. A "public health crisis" can be declared on guns. This declaration can be tied with the The National Emergencies Act and The National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order (EO #13603) signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012. This EO, allows a President to declare martial law, seize all manners of private property, implement the rationing of food, gasoline, and medicines, restart peacetime conscriptions, and nationalizing American industry, among others.

"China Joe Buyden," who has admitted to conferring with former president Obama almost on a daily basis, makes you wonder who is running the country, could evoke EO #13603 and declare gun violence a "public health crisis and national emergency." This would override the constitution (even if temporary but the damage would be permanent) to implement otherwise impossible to enforce restrictions on privately owned firearms, stop all non-government production of firearms in the country, override the liability protection act on gun manufacturers, declare that all semi-automatic, magazine-fed firearms, are now restricted items to be surrendered, and force states to implement a gun buy-back program. All under the broad emergency powers granted to a president during times of a national emergency and crisis. Don't believe this is possible? Neither was heavier-than-air flight but the Wright brothers proved otherwise.

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