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Guardians of the Galaxy? Spoiler Alert

I will try to give a brief review of Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3 (2023, directed by James Gunn) resorting more to the underlying content than to clear descriptions of the film to avoid any possible spoilers as much as possible.

I admit I was initially reluctant to come up with a good product in this case, being rather critical of Marvel and historically a fan of DC, my date remained even more objective, she didn't even see the previous films of this saga.

I can say without giving details that the concept of the villain in this film does not disappoint, the villain is undoubtedly a false philanthropist, one of those self-proclaimed saviors of the planet, controllers of the planet or managers of the planet (or in this case planets, in the plural form) undoubtedly the worst type of villain, the one who masks evil as good.

Visions of a utopian world vary from century to century and from ideologue to ideologue but the common pattern is the same: personalities with an infinite ego who try to justify their need for tyrannical power by convincing themselves that they are doing it for an ideal, this in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has been well scripted and with brilliant reflections where it is clear that in order to achieve these new worlds the villains discard their main and most loyal followers, those who fight the most for this new world are mere instruments not contemplated by the minorities that concentrate power, that is to say, within the elites there are more elites and those who believe that they are indispensable in these disastrous machinations are deceived.

Transhumanism or rather the genetic-technological-robotic alteration in other species in this case, shows us how they try to generate (for us in our society) a new human being that focuses more on staying alive and surviving as a species rather than remaining human, that human being that has the desire for freedom, to love and to die for a noble cause in our DNA.

I found particularly moving a scene where one of our main characters narrates his origins as a captive, how confinement can generate bonds of true friendship in prisoners who share the same guts, honor and hope, animal respect somehow connects with this last factor of the film and far from falling into the fashionable philosophical environmentalism, it can be said that it invites us to consider, at least for those of us who love to eat meat, doing so at least without animal cruelty.

The art seen on the screen was careful, with hints that include, among others, one in reference to a famous Renaissance work precisely at the time of an intervention "Deus ex machina" and in which the concept of redemption where one of the enemies passes to the rank of the good, an authentically Christian concept because the entire Christian message is summed up in that, everyone has the possibility of being saved before God.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has clarifications about previous doubts of the saga, beautiful surprises, optimal musicalization and values worth seeing with the whole family, a film that is undoubtedly necessary in today's world.

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