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Good People do not need laws...-Plato

“Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” — Plato

I had a amicable exchange with an old friend recently. A sweetheart of a friend. When I ran into her unexpectedly, she surprised me with not one but two masks. I assumed she wasn't vaccinated but to my dismay, she was. Our conversation soon drifted to the ChiCom-19 virus. And a friendly debate ensued, not about the virus, not even about whether or not it is a wise decision to wear a mask, shelter in place, wash your hands regularly, or socially distance.

It was not about how your actions "may or may not" put a fellow citizen in a life-threatening situation. It was not about whether we loved Trump or hated him when he was president, or whether Biden is doing a better job, he ain't, or not. It wasn't about whether you support the looney Democrat donkey or the noble Republican elephant.

No, my friends, it was not about any of the arguments that you will hear in the media, all of which are designed to manipulate your emotions. As much as they try to distract you the issue comes down to something as simple as the rule of law. Yes, it came down to whether the government has the AUTHORITY TO FORCE YOU to surrender your liberties? Does the government have the AUTHORITY to DEMAND the people to comply. And who will enforce compliance?

Liberty requires risk. As much as "do-good policy wonks" pretend to have your best interests at heart when they order you to wear seat belts, or helmets when riding a motorcycle, or not suck on a Marlboro in a public setting, the nanny state is constantly restricting your rights under the guise of health and safety. Risk is the Siamese twin of liberty. You cannot save the one without killing the other. The whole idea of liberty is that we are all free to make individual choices.

It grieves me to see how few people are really able to think critically. I guess the wolves call us “sheep” for a reason. Forcing someone to “do the right thing” sounds like a good thing until we realize that not everyone operates off of the same set of values. Case and point, the lunatic Governor of Michigan, Whitmer, who believes Planned Parenthood is making America great, while going to church is a health risk. Values matter.

The Constitution of the United States does not grant anyone rights. Those rights come from natural law and the Creator. What the Constitution does is clearly spell out the limitations intended to chain down the AUTHORITY of government. “Congress shall make no law” is a "harness" on Congress, not a bounce-pass to the ideological courts. The Constitution's Enumerated powers are restrictions on "wanna-be-tyrants" masquerading as government officials.

When it is all said and done the greatest tragedy of this whole ChiCom-19 pandemic will be the realization of HOW WILLINGLY AMERICANS BOWED THEIR KNEES to unlawful government under the pretense of Health emergency powers given to government by government NOT the Constitution.

"Risk is the Siamese twin of liberty. You cannot save the one without killing the other. The whole idea of liberty is that we are all free to make individual choices and accept the risks associated with it."

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