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Gender Dysphoria Is A Mental Illness

Gender Dysphoria refers to the incongruence between one’s biological sex at birth and one’s perceived gender identity. Most gender dysphoria often begins in childhood. Some of it is caused by outside influences, such as a single mother dressing a boy as a girl.

Today, two “woke” concepts have influenced the shift from the long established mental illness diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” to one of elective surgeries and gender altering drug treatments. These new concepts are “minority stress theory” and “psychiatric morbidity” in the LGBTQ+XYZ community.

What this means is that to “woke” transgender activists, the diagnose of gender incongruence as a mental disorder, is cruel and bigoted to an already historically disadvantaged community facing the stigma of their lifestyle.

These transgender woke activists, militantly encourage people afflicted with this psychological condition, to pursue multiple domains of gender affirmation, including social affirmation (changing one’s name and pronouns), legal affirmation (changing gender markers on one’s government-issued documents), medical affirmation (pubertal suppression or gender-affirming hormones), and/or surgical affirmation (vaginoplasty, facial feminization surgery, breast augmentation, masculine chest reconstruction, etc.).

Of note, although the physical appearance on some of these individuals is very transformative, the transgender female cannot get pregnant nor can a transgender male impregnate a female. Their appearance may change, but the core sex does not.

Another important factor, often overlooked or intentionally omitted by transgender activists, is sexual orientation in these individuals. Sexual attraction to the same sex, which often leads these individuals to want to alter their physical appearance and gender. In other words, their need to change their gender is augmented by their homosexuality.

Gender Dysphoria has already been a topic of major Hollywood movies. In the fantastic psychological-horror triller, The Silence of the Lambs, the serial killer, named Buffalo Bill—because he skinned his female victims, was a homosexual man who wanted to be a woman.

I personally feel compassion towards people suffering from this mental disorder. But to encourage young impressionable children, to seek an alternate gender identity, and to do so behind their parents back, is not only unethical and immoral, it is criminal.

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