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Gaddafi: The story you don't know

We all have an internal defense mechanism that protects our emotional fragility and belief system. This mechanism is very strong but it is vulnerable to manipulation and easily prone to deception, specially so, when it comes from sources that we trust. When we are exposed to information which challenges our perception of reality, we immediately dismiss it as false, ignore it, or in some cases, find a way to reconcile with it. Few and far in between, are those with the pragmatism necessary, to accept anything that challenges their pre-conceived biases or established system of beliefs. In my curiosity on how this phenomenon differs from people to people, gender to gender, and young to old, I have related over the years to family, friends, and some colleagues, the story of what happened to Muammar Gaddafi and Libya back in 2011.

I am sure that by now, you may have heard of Benghazi. The attack on the Diplomatic compound, the assault on the secret CIA Annex, and the death of Ambassador Stevens and four other Americans. You may have heard that the Obama administration was watching the unfolding events in real time via satellite and observation drone, and that help requested by the CIA Annex was initially denied although a special operations force, was two hours away by C130 transport aircraft in Tripoli, as testified by deputy ambassador Gregory Hicks, to congressional investigators. All of it is part of a broader set of tragic events which started with our questionable and regrettable involvement in Libya the year before. Let's begin.

Muammar Gaddafi, was the deposed military ruler of Libya who was captured and summarily executed on 20 October, 2011. Gaddafi became the "de facto" leader of Libya on 1 September, 1969, after leading a group of young Libyan military officers against King Idris I, in a bloodless coup d'état. Fast forward to 2011. After U.S. and NATO military intervention and eight months of intense conflict, Gaddafi and his inner circle, found themselves cornered and isolated in the coastal city of Sirte. It was west of Sirte where he was captured by American-supported NTC rebel forces. He was killed shortly afterwards.

Some may remember then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on a CBS interview, saying in a nearly orgasmic laugh: "We came, we saw, he died." The NTC initially claimed he died from injuries sustained in a firefight when loyalist forces attempted to free him, not true. A graphic video of his last moments show rebel fighters beating and sodomizing with a knife, an injured Gaddafi begging for his life before he was shot to death. The end. Well, not so fast.

To your average misinformed or disinterested American, the news of the demise of Gaddafi, passed unnoticed as a cloud overhead. The event was of no-consequence to their daily existence, or quality of life. But there lies the deception and the gravity of the injustice that was perpetrated upon the Libyan people. And this deception will eventually affect our lives and those of our children. Why? Because the very people and mindset that went after Gaddafi, are perpetually celebrated, elected, or find their way back into powerful positions of government. Some are now in the Biden administration, or within Biden's sphere of influence. Take Susan Rice for just one example.

To a thinking, rational mind, something just doesn't add up with Libya. Today, the north African nation, is a hellhole of misery, poverty and grief, with warring factions fighting for control. It is worse today in Libya than ever before in its long history. So the question arises. Why did we come to Libya? The general narrative from the Obama administration and their professional apologists, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and the presstitute-media, was that the United States and its European allies in NATO, were enforcing U.N. Security Council resolutions (that's the pretense), and were just trying to protect innocent civilians from genocide under Gaddafi and his goons (Not exactly).

There are many factors that contributed to what would take place in Libya, but to more fully comprehend the truth of what actually happened, you have to look at what Gaddafi was doing not just in Libya but what he was planning for the African continent. And the truth, which is verifiable by those so inclined, was to use the revenues from the vast Libyan oil reserves for the establishment of a European style African Union and a currency backed by physical commodities That was an clear and present threat to the world's financial order. But how did it all began?

The Benghazi uprising in eastern Libya in February 2011, was widely portrayed as the start of yet another Arab Spring revolution— both nationwide and organic —that would soon see another Arab regime swept from power by an overwhelming majority of pro-democracy people. But what it really was, was an attempt by Islamic forces to take Libya. But its even more than that, particularly so, when the West got involved. In truth, the Libyan intervention was about exacting regime change in Libya. From the very start, the West exploited the developing circumstances in Libya and used proxy forces made up of a coalition of anti-government rebels, traditional tribal enemies of Qaddafi's tribe, and last but not least, Islamic Jihadists from "Ansar-Al-Sharia" to "Al-Qaeda in The Islamic Maghreb" or AQIM, supported by NATO air power under American leadership. It was the p hi lanned eradication of a threat, not to the Libyan people, but to to the World's Reserve currency, the Petro-Dollar.

Make no mistake. Qaddafi had been an enabler of terrorism and a brutal despot. He was connected directly, and indirectly, to terrorist attacks around the world like the downing of the PanAm 747 over Lockerbie, Scotland. But something happened after American planes bombed Libya in an assassination attempt on Gaddafi (we don't assassinate other nation's leaders) in 1986. The Libyan Ministry of Information declared that an adopted daughter of Gaddafi, Hana, who was less than a year old, had died in the attack. The story of the adopted child killed by the Americans has persisted, although some doubt from the outset that Hana really existed and, if she did, that she died. However, it is undeniable that Qaddafi was a changed man afterwards.

Call it fear of his vulnerability or his own mortality, or the unimaginable grief for the loss of a child. Nobody knows for sure but the fact is, he changed. The Russians that were building him a Nuclear reactor, were thrown out of the country. Whether that had anything to do with the accident at Ukraine's Chernobyl plant that same year, who knows. What is true is that Qaddafi began reinventing himself. He ceased all funding of terrorism or Islamic fundamentalism by expanding the secular nature of the Libyan republic. He started approaching the West. He opened up the country's vast oil reserves to western oil companies. He even personally apologized for any and all acts of terrorism committed by Libyans and paid restitutions.

Qaddafi's Libyan government became the first in the world to collect factual evidence on Osama bin Laden's activities and even supply it to Interpol. Libya had also begun to cooperate heavily with Western intelligence agencies, including the CIA and MI6. According to the Jamestown Foundation, Qadhafi's intelligence chief, Moussa Koussa, had begun handing over excellent intelligence on all Islamic groups operating in north Africa, the Islamic Maghreb, and sub-Sahara Africa.

Qaddafi also appeared willing to alleviate the North African refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. He offered to forcibly prevent African migrants from leaving Libyan shores. But there is more. Qaddafi established economic reforms within his country. He began building schools and hospitals with provide free world-class medical care. Hundreds of millions in revenue from his oil sales, were directed towards infrastructure projects from roads to houses to large scale irrigation projects tapping into the aquifers deep below the Libyan desert. An unprecedented feat in itself. He even allowed destitute migrants from black sub-Saharan nations to settle in Libya and partake in the national bounty. But Qaddafi had even more ambitious dreams. And those dreams were the nails that the West would eventually hammer into his coffin.

The Hillary Clinton emails released by a special congressional inquiry have revealed how Qaddafi's imminent demise began. Apparently, French intelligence, had become aware of Qaddafi's plans to establish a new pan‐African currency, based on the Libyan Golden Dinar, which was to serve as a backed-up currency alternative to the Fiat U.S. Dollar, which isn't backed by any commodity as was the world's practice prior to 1973, and is used to quote oil prices and purchases. Fiat money is not backed by a physical commodity, such as gold or silver, but rather by the government that issued it. The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demand and the stability of the issuing government. In other words, worthless paper.

Another intent of Qaddafi was to address the abject poverty and corruption that permeates African countries. He wanted to unite all African nations like the model of the European Union and do away with all of Africa's various petty governments and their currencies, particularly the dominant French Franc, and establish one single currency similar to the EURO, but again backed by Gold and Silver for the new African Union. Something the French didn't like at all. To further distress the United States and Europe, it was determined that the Libyan central bank had already amassed approximately over 143 metric tons of Gold and a similar quantity of Silver, to begin backing the new currency with even more to follow from future revenues. And to do so, Qaddafi planned to renationalize Libyan oil. All of this would have altered the balance of financial power of the Dollar. So, simply put. Qaddafi had to go. And here we are 10 years later.

The subsequent violence and chaos resulting from the United States and Europe's involvement in Libya, has consumed the country, transforming Libya from the safest, richest country in Africa, to a broken nation and dangerous realm of warlords and Jihadists. The dream of peace and prosperity that the Libyan people got a glimpse of, has been turned into a living nightmare of poverty and violence. And all because of the threat Qaddafi's intent on helping his people and other poor African countries, represented to our own interests and the world's financial order. This revelation should not only disrupt your sense of right and wrong, but it should also challenge your understanding of everything our country supposedly stands for. Now you know the truth. Every time you look at a Dollar, know that we destroyed a country to protect our worthless paper money.

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