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For Trump, The Bells Are Tolling

Trump will not be able to shake the charges against him because several of those files he had in Mar-a-Lago, were SCI (sensitive compartmented information), which regardless of being allegedly declassified, cannot be taken out of a secured government facility or designated Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), affectionately known as “Skiff.”

Fact is, Hillary’s private server fiasco, was worse than what Trump has done, but the powers that be at the time, Obama’s DOJ through AG Lynn, decided not to prosecute Obama’s Secretary of State, Democrat presidential candidate, and protected member of the Washington D.C. Establishment… As such it’s gone to the annals of history with no accountability, not then, not now, not ever.

BUT Trump is an outsider, who had the audacity to get elected, and worse, expose what our government has devolved into… A private club for elitists making millions in selling access to and influence in American policy. For this he MUST PAY.

Problem for Trump is that although he does not hold office— and probably never will again— the Establishment of corruption, greed and power, that run this country, wants retribution.

Trump underestimated the psychological need for vengeance these miscreants have in seeing him go down, but not only that. What happens to Trump is a warning to the rest of us who would entertain the fantasy of usurping the Establishment’s power.

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