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FBI, Federal Bureau of Inequity

Special agent Larissa Knapp, a counterterrorism officer who led the Washington field office, congratulated six agents in full FBI gear who knelt in Washington during a destructive BLM protest. One of these officers was a female officer who would rise to the second highest supervisory level in the Washington field office.

This is the same office that carried out the raid on Mar-o-Lago without notifying the local FBI field office, local police, and the secret service until minutes prior to their arrival .

Back in 2020, the FBI ignored ANTIFA and BLM leftist rioters while focusing their efforts on investigations against center-right American citizens. FBI Director Christopher Wray blamed sovereign citizen movements and militias for the summer’s unprecedented and historical riots, in which almost 30 Americans were killed, 700 law enforcement officers were injured, and 14,000 people were arrested.

The problem with that is that ANTIFA and BLM carried out the attacks. BLM, with ANTIFA embedded in support, engaged in an onslaught of destruction targeting small businesses, federal courthouses and powerless members of American communities, after the controversial death of George Floyd. In fact, even the draconian mask mandates and lockdowns forced on peaceful Americans, were ignored when it came to BLM nationwide protests and ANTIFA riots in the Pacific Northwest.

The FBI, along with all the misguided and corrupted alphabet soup agencies of the deep state, are an existential threat to the Constitutional rights of the American people. The FBI, has finally gone from the world's premier police investigative agency to Orwell's 1984 "Thought Police." The FBI is now the Federal Bureau of Inequity.

A thorough in-house cleaning of the FBI must be conducted with the present leadership held accountable in a court of law for the country to ever survive. Failure to do this will only embolden their inequities and egregious acts against our Constitutional rights. How long before their actions include fabrications? Oh, wait. That's been done already with the Steele Dossier!

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