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Everything Is _______

WAIT! A little context before you fill in the blank.

Right now, (everything in) the world is ______.

Now, how did you fill in the blank? The word that likely comes to mind for many is one that rhymes with ducked. I've thought it. I've said it, too. After all, things are - to say the least - crazy. We are in the upside down, where evil is good and good is bad, and boys are girls unless they are cats or unicorns, and war is around every corner, and the people we expect to teach our children math, science, English, and history are teaching them a new way to use pronouns and that white people and police are bad.

So, yes. Word-that-rhymes-with-ducked seems fitting. Yet, there are people still out there who fill in that blank like this: Everything is...

...going to be alright.

Despite everything we see and hear daily, these people believe everything is going to be alright. How? Why? Are they blind?! Maybe you're thinking, must be nice to live in la-la land. I'd love to live there, too. I can answer those questions and give you the map to la-la land (even though you're being sarcastic) because I am one of those people.

First, don't get me wrong: I am beyond bothered by the state of our country and the world. It is in chaos. Huge, not-good changes are and will occur. The world as we knew it is gone and I don't know if we'll every get it back. I've been kept awake at night thinking about it all and I've felt my blood pressure rise reading/watching the news and social media. But then four words changed me. Four words taught me the only truth that matters. Four words restored my peace, gave me my armor and my shield, and raised my chin.

Those four words?

God is in control.

Go ahead, non-believers. Rolls your eyes. Scoff. I have been there, done that. I get it, the challenge to give in and give over your perceived control of your universe seems like the equivalent of walking a tightrope without a net. To turn your head away from the visible, tangible, and up to the unseen and unknown sounds implausible and even impractical. But given the choices: be consumed or be at peace, isn't the better choice obvious?

This doesn't mean curl into a ball or bury your head in the sand. Nor does it mean we should throw our hands in the air and say "Whatevs, YOLO." We absolutely belong in the fight. This is a battle. We are in the war of good and evil. But we are not leading the fight. God is. And He is in control.

The most repeated advice in the Bible is to not be afraid. Matthew 14:27 Jesus spoke to them, saying, be of good cheer. It is I. Be not afraid. Matthew 17 And Jesus came and touched them, and said: Arise and be not afraid. Mark 6 Be of good courage! It is I! Be not afraid! In Matthew 10 Therefore, fear not. You are more value than the sparrows. Mark 5 Fear not, only believe. And Genesis 26 Do not be afraid, for I am with you. These are but a few examples.

Throughout the Bible, we are told and prepared for what is to come. It is very clear which side we need to be on. It is clear how we are to go forward. Everything we do in the here and now is by choice, and our choices can have consequence or reward. We can have peace in the storm or suffocate in the mire.

If you are struggling, if you're afraid, if you need help and guidance and protection, it is available in abundance, for free. If you long to believe that everything is going to be alright, I invite you to join me in "la-la land." I know peace, because I know Him, and because I know Him, I know God is in control.


Lifelong Patriot & longtime Police Wife, Elsa Kurt has channeled her fierce love and passion for defending the defenders as the creator, Executive Producer & Host of the Elsa Kurt Show , correspondent and media personality for Right America Media. Her book, Welcome to the Family (Life Behind the Thin Blue Line) has been called the “must have survival guide for new LEO spouses.”

The vocal LEOF advocate is also a multi-genre author who has penned over 25 books, including twelve contemporary women’s novels. Her fiction stories explore the complex and relatable experiences of everyday life – the love & laughter, the heartbreak & sorrow, and everything in between. She finds the extraordinary in ordinary lives and puts you in the front seat of every story. Elsa has also written several children’s books, all with themes of encouragement, empowerment & uplifting messaging.

In 2022, Elsa launched The Writer’s Tribe Talk Show, an audio & video podcast for authors & a line of author merchandise in her Writer’s Tribe Store with clothing and more for authors & aspiring authors. Elsa also created three lines of apparel, accessories, & home decor: EKS Store with show & first responder merchandise, iGoodhuman, and Very Sweary Stuff.

As of 2022, she is the current Vice President of the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association. Elsa has also embraced the fun and entertaining world of Tik Tok as theotherelsa.

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