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Eldridge Cleaver, a lesson from a disillusioned Communist

In the mid-sixties there were many Marxists agitators infiltrating black communities to promote “direct action” through violence. One of these was Eldridge Cleaver, who learned Marxist philosophy and community organizing tactics, while serving a fifteen year sentence in the People’s Republic of California. Community organizing... Where have I heard that before?

In 1967, he became the Minister of Information for the Black Panthers. Cleaver explained the Black Panther’s rationale behind violence. It was to destroy the social and economic structure of the country so that blacks, could enjoy equal rights under an American Communist regime. In one of the very violent confrontations to follow with police, nineteen of the Black Panther leaders were killed, and as police crackdown increased, Cleaver fled to Cuba with his wife, and then to another communist country further away. The end? Wrong.

Public discourse today focuses on social and economic “inequality,” which has replaced “equality” in discussing America. This focus on inequality is part of the assault on the American idea that we see every day in the media and in particular, academia. It has become an important source of many Americans’ confusion about America, causing many Americans to doubt that America is an exemplary country, and exceptional country, or even a good one. But Cleaver learnt his lesson.

After nearly eight years in exile in Socialist countries, Cleaver returned to the United States willing to face the charges pending against him. Him and his wife were no longer Communists or atheists. In regards to all the Communist promises of “equality” and “social justice,” Cleaver told the press: “I would rather live in jail in America than ‘free’ anywhere else.” He continued:

“I was wrong and the Black Panthers were wrong... We (blacks) are inside the system and I feel that the number one objective for Black America is to recognize that they have the same equal rights under the Constitution as Ford or Rockefeller, even if we have no blue-chip stocks. But our membership in the United States, is the supreme blue-chip stock and the one we have to exercise.”

Eldridge Cleaver went on to describe the despondency which overtook him when he found out what a betrayal of human rights and human dignity Socialist Communism turned out to be. He related the strenuous intellectual struggle to reconcile Marxist-atheism with all of its fraudulent fallacies with his own conscience. In the end, the pursuit of the truth brought him to the threshold of reality. This is a lesson many misguided Americans need to learn before they destroy our country with the Cultural-Marxist lies that liberal-progressivism propagates in our schools.

The false quest for social justice and economic equality through the destruction of our country and its remaking into an equitable utopia is a fantasy. Something Eldridge Cleaver learnt the hard way. Like he stated: “Our membership in the United States, is the supreme blue-chip stock and the one we have to exercise.”

Referenced from book, The Five-Thousand Year Leap, and The Epoch Times editorial by Robert Curry, The Founder’s Understanding of Equality.

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