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“Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” from a Pilot’s Perspective

At the major airlines, the vast majority of pilots would never question other pilot’s qualifications until they gave a reason to question those qualifications based upon something that they did while flying.

This was rare, given that by the time a pilot reached the cockpit at a major airline, he or she, had already demonstrated a high level of competence and flying skills honed through years of previous experience.

Experience, judgment, maturity and temperament, which came through thousands of hours of flight time “paying your dues,” as we used to say, at the regional airlines or the military. Granted, the Military pilots did have a period of transition to airline flying their weren’t used to, but nonetheless, as good pilots with impressive pedigrees, soon adapted.

Back then, unless you had thousands of hours—7500 hours to be a competitive candidate—of which at least half were as Pilot in Command, or Captain, you couldn’t get an interview with any of the majors.

Furthermore, if you couldn’t pass the interview’s technical portion, have at least three letters of recommendation from pilots working at the airline you’re interviewing with, attesting to your skills, and pass a simulator evaluation, you never got to the training center.

By the time a pilot reached the cockpit of that airline’s aircraft, the weak ones had already been weeded out through the training program. Fast forward to today and none of these critical expectations are requisite anymore.

The following is an excerpt from a letter written by a pilot, at a major airline, regarding what he is witnessing with the airlines’ drive to bring diversity, equity and inclusion, which he has cleverly—or prophetically renamed, “DIE.”

“I am not in a good place nowadays. My belief system in professional standards and reasonable expectations of skills from my coworkers in my chosen career, is being assaulted by my company’s OBSESSION with the concept of ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.’

After more than twenty years in the airlines, the only time I have ever questioned a fellow pilot’s qualifications is when my flying counterpart failed to demonstrate basic flying skills, in an otherwise routine situation. That has never happened until recently. I will leave it there, but will elaborate on what is happening today.

As a former military pilot, I have flown in combat and have witnessed friends die for love of this country. I have also given my youth, my health, and my time away from family, to defend the Constitution of the United States and preserving the tenets of the Declaration of Independence, which we celebrate the 4th of July.

Equality is a bedrock foundation of our country proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, defended in the Civil War, and codified into law with the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. DEI contradicts these bulwarks of human rights, the very things I swore to protect and defend.

Whereas ‘equality’ guarantees equal rights and opportunities, not equality of outcome, given the vast differences in people’s intelligence, interests, natural abilities, talent, learned skills, experience, character, work ethic or drive, ‘equity’ is the Marxist principle of attempting to guarantee equal outcomes regardless of the governing principles previously mentioned.

Our company now has a ‘DEI’ department with a VP and a staff, which has wasted no time in becoming the kommissars for socialist group think within our company. And just like the KGB agents of the former Soviet Union, and, they relentlessly seek to identify dissenters and crush them.

All of this is based upon the illegal mandates of President Biden’s Executive Order #13985, called ‘The Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.’ Makes me wonder if our airline had not taken all that money during Covid, if this department would be here. But here it is.

The DEI Kommissars are focusing on making anyone who resists into an evil ‘bourgeoisie’ to be attacked and defeated by the ‘proletariat,’ particularly the pilot group by the rank and file groups. It is forcing people to agree with those who see themselves as victims, real or imagined.

Because Socialism has always been a taboo word, ‘DEI’ is therefore the new post 1960’s neo-Marxist principle rebranded to push the old socialist ideas: to separate and segregate by class, gender, sexual orientation, weight, race, and faith —among a myriad of others not yet established as disenfranchised. And since no one will be able to agree with everyone’s victimization, it create class struggle between groups, requiring more top down, centralized, control. AKA Communism.

DEI training is offensive to me as a combat veteran. DEI is offensive to me as an American and as a pilot who celebrated all our company said it stood for. I am offended of the neo-Marxists principles infecting our company, our society, our military, our institutions and our government today.

DEI ruins what already is the history of our airline creating opportunities for minorities. Have you read the poster of Louis Freeman in our company building? What’s his story? WHEN is his story? Hired in 1980, he was Nation’s first black chief pilot in 1992. Since he was here decades before before DEI was implemented, why do we have DEI?

Don’t you see? DEI destroys what has been achieved by freedom loving coworkers who still believe in the greatness upon which our airline was founded long before any of us were even hired.

I cannot share, promote, or signal my personal Christian beliefs & values in a company sponsored setting, if I want to avoid repercussions. But as I said, our company now has it’s own DEI VP and staff to promote this rebranded Marxist belief, which I swore to protect the constitution AGAINST!

The purpose of ‘DEI,’ beyond diversity and inclusion, is equity. Equality of outcome. It’s diversity only showcases the color of someone’s skin, gender, or sexual preference, instead of the content of their character, as Dr Martin Luther King’s used to say, nor someone’s abilities, and as such, ‘DEI’ must be exposed as to what it really represents, ‘DIE.’ The death of our company, the death of our country and I pray to God, not the death of our passengers.”

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