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Destroy the family unit

You want more crazy? 1960s, feminist philosopher Kate Millet urged her followers to understand that the only way to gain true equality is by destroying the heterosexual family, by means of pornography, prostitution,

eroticism, homosexuality and promiscuity. In the “Dialectic of Sex,” a book written by yet another American feminist, Shulamith Firestone in 1970, she presented the idea that childbearing was a form of labour performed by women (workers) who were legally subordinate to their husbands (the owners of the means of production). In the 1968s Paris revolt, the Comité d'action pédérastique révolutionnaire, and the Front homosexuel d'action révolutionnaire (clue is in the name) desired "true Marxist egalitarianism" which will destroy the masculine foundations of capitalism. The traditional heterosexual family, is always the primary threat to the leftist state philosophy of totalitarianism. I remember a warning once heard about attending a state university.: “you’ll leave four years later a communist and an atheist.” Absolutely true. Want to know why there are so many young women involved as foot soldiers for BLM, ANTIFA, and so many other destructive radical organizations rioting in America’s streets today? Universities. By the time Women’s Studies professors in universities finish with your daughter, she will be a shell of the innocent girl you once knew. Instead, she will be a rabid-revolutionary-feminist Communist consumed by the inextinguishable fires of hate towards America and the Biblical patriarchal principles of western civilization.

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