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Davos, The Path To Moral Deviancy

The World Economic Forum (WEF) wants the nations of the world to legalize, or at least decriminalize pedophilia, which the globalists are now referring to as “age-gap love.” Yes, you read right. They are now openly lobbying governments to decriminalize the sexual molestation of children.

They are seriously declaring that criminalizing pedophilia is a violation“ of human rights, according to the WEF head, Klaus Schwab and his partner in crime Yuval Noah Harari, who says there is no God, Jesus is a fantasy and morality is an illegally imposed restrain on human desires.

At its most recent Davos gathering, the WEF tried to argue that normalizing pedophilia and child rape will “save humanity” from, you guessed it: climate change. The WEF also stated that the growing pedophilia epidemic is “nature’s gift” to mankind for a number of reasons.

One of those reasons is that molested children become so damaged that they are very unlikely to have families themselves. Child abuse and the destruction of innocence, according to the WEF, is nature’s way of saving the planet and “saving humanity” from itself.

Destroying the family unit and allowing adult perverts to engage in sexual perversion with “underage people,” as the WEF is now calling children, will help to depopulate the planet and bring it back into “harmony” and “balance.” I think you are beginning to realize that we are dealing with a dark insanity.

Schwab himself bragged in Davos that his globalist minions have infiltrated every level of Western education, which explains the heavy push for LGBTQA+XYZ-P –the “P“ stands for pedophilia-at even the preschool level. This explains the aberrations of Drag Queen story hour and Transgenderism.

Today’s children, at least the ones who are sent to government public schools, are constantly barraged with sexual perversion in the classroom, often by LGBTQA+XYZ-P “teachers” who expose them to as much deviancy as they can legally get away with.

These same children end up embracing sexual perversion themselves. Some cut off their body parts to turn “trans” while others engage in pedophilic behavior with pervert adults, who in some cases are their own teachers.

This deviancy then spreads as these damaged children go out into society and spread the gospel of LGBTQA+XYZ-P themselves, creating an entire society of sexual deviants who live their lives in hot pursuit of their latest victims. This is another tool that was long envisioned by the globalists in their insane quest for total control of the world.

It is clear from all this societal programming that the globalists are trying to take advantage of what is known as the Overton Window, or the window of opportunity to implement social change, which in their case, favors child abuse and child rape.

According to the global elite in Davos, it’s time for mainstream society to catch up with them and relax the outdated social taboo against pedophilia, and what better way to change society’s morals than by brainwashing the children?

Hard to believe that this dark perversion of human sexual behavior that hurts children both physically and emotionally, robs them of their innocence, and scars them for life, is openly discussed and even encouraged.

This unabashed dialogue is intended to dehumanize, degrade and mock us. It is designed to take away all of the joys of out life and inflict maximum emotional pain on those who are morally inclined, God fearing people.

The globalist-controlled media, including The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, the BBC, and others, are also pushing pro-LGBTQA+XYZ-P propaganda, arguing that pedophiles are “normal” people just like everybody else.

What is the next human sexual deviancy? Bestiality? Necrophilia? Sex with children after partial birth abortion? Where does this stop? I‘m afraid that this insanity only stops with the total destruction of the human race.

Inspired by the writing of Natural News

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