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Control, Control, And Control Of Everything

America is under attack. And the biggest and most dangerous threat is not from Islamic fundamentalists nor from Russia, Iran or North Korea. And certainly not from the so-called “insurrectionists of January 6th” like the mainstream media wants you to believe. No. This assault comes from a much more dangerous group.

They won't bomb our cities. They won't strike our infrastructure. They don’t use weapons or violence. Their modus operandi is much too subtle for that. Instead, they operate from the shadows. Manipulating the strings of power from behind closed doors. Letting their puppets do the dirty work. While keeping their name out of the spotlight.

In fact, this enemy is so devious that most Americans are blind to their true existence. As a result, most people don’t see the war being waged on our country even though it’s happening right under their noses, in broad daylight, inside our borders and worst of all, being executed by Americans. And let me be absolutely and unequivocally clear. This is the greatest threat America has ever faced.

You, your family, your way of life, even America itself, is at risk. This is not an exaggeration in any shape or form. It’s a cold, hard assessment of the facts. Just a few years ago, if I’d told you that you would risk being assaulted for wearing a red baseball cap, or that a sitting President could be silenced by a handful of silicone valley elites, or that our kids would be taught our country is racist and rotten to the core, or that politicians would attempt to ban us from seeing friends and family, or that the media would blatantly lie to the public with no recourse, You’d have called me crazy. A conspiracy theorist. But here we are in 2023 and this is reality. What’s worse, is all this is just the beginning.

Our Founding Fathers laid out clear rules for what we as Americans stand for and believe. George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams, they were all avid students of history, psychology, human nature and politics. So, they spent endless hours debating how to maintain the American ideal, how to prevent government overreach, and how to remain free. The result, as you know, was the Constitution.

Yet despite this,There's a cabal seeking to destroy everything that made, and makes, America great. This secret group of operatives are working in the highest positions of power, spread across several industries. Behind closed doors in New York, California, and D.C., these power-hungry elites are implementing a plan to take over America.

And although we have the greatest military on earth with over one million highly-trained patriots ready to defend and die for our country, the military can’t help in this war.

While most folks have heard of the “Deep State”, they actually have no idea who the deep state actors really are. How they operate. That’s because the Deep State is not the secret Cabal. The Deep State are but the Cabal's foot soldiers in the vast bureaucracy of our government. The enemy of our Constitution is unelected leadership in every agency and department uncountable to the citizenry.

And how will they accomplish this? By their control over the cultural megaphones of our society: Academia, Entertainment, and the Media. They also control Wall Street, the scientific community, government and more. The cabal has been able to spread their toxic ideas that corrode the fabric of America, turning people against the ideals our country was founded upon.

The cabal’s propaganda machine forces insane beliefs on the public every day. Their shills in the media all parrot the same party line and talking points with perfect obedience.

Their “scientific experts” ignore any evidence contradicting their ideology, while chanting the mantra “follow the science.”

They attempt to rewrite history. Paint America in the worst possible light, while suppressing material that counters and discredits their narrative. They lecture us on the dangers of climate change and free markets, while flying around on their Gulfstream jets.

They implement fascist policies such as silencing dissenting opinions, banning specific words, burning books, and threats of violence, all while telling you they’re doing it to stop the spread of fascism. Now, because of this unrelenting brainwashing campaign, millions of citizens are now begging for this cabal to take control of America.

That’s right, they have engineered an environment in which people are actually calling out for the very ideas that will oppress them. Greater government power, more regulation, tighter controls on freedom, the suppression of speech, the cancellation of dissenting thought, the elimination of capitalism, the eradication of private property ownership.

And the end goal is The United Socialist States of America. And make no mistake, this isn’t Bernie’s democratic Socialism, which is bad enough in itself. What the cabal has been working towards for years is full-blown Communism. Socialism is simply the vehicle they can use to force communism on the country without resistance. And what does Communism bring? Top-down control of everything. Total control. In short, absolute control over everything and everyone. That's the "Great Reset."

Control over dissenting views. Control of what you can see, read or hear. Control of what you think, say and write. Control of the decisions you make. Control of what education you can have. Control of what career or job you chose. Control of your personal economy and wealth. Control of what you can own. Control of what you wear. Control of what you eat. Control of your health. Control of how many children you can have, your children and what they do. Control of religion. Control of what you can drive or not. Control of your movements and travel. Control over whether you live or die.

Under the guise of the COVID scamdemic, they had a trial run to see how obedient people would be and to see how far they could push control. Curfews, stay-at-home orders, self-isolation, snitching on friends and family, the decimation of small businesses, fiat money printing, travel bans, silencing dissenting voices, contact tracing... They’re testing the waters.Testing how easily a population can be enslaved.And we didn't disappoint.

We must all join in the fight to save our country. To defend our land from the forces of evil that seek to destroy us. To ensure your kids and grandkids grow up in the land of the free, home of the brave. To repel those who seek to control, coerce, and dominate our spirit. To protect ourselves from tyranny. I must warn you though. This is not for the faint-hearted.

The path ahead will not be easy. We will face challenges and dire consequences. I will paraphrase the cult movies “Boondock Saints:”

“The question will be: Do you possess the constitution. The depth of faith to go as far as it's needed?"

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