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Coming Attractions: How the Left ‘stole’ Christmas

The current Grinches who hold a monopoly of power in Washington DC and their media enablers, hate American holidays. As part of their continued misappropriation of our country and our culture, they are determined to cancel our most treasured and quintessentially American holidays. The more American it is, the more they hate it.

It has long been clear that they have no use for Memorial Day or Veterans Day. We’ve watched them try and mostly succeed in toppling Columbus Day. Their utter contempt for Thanksgiving, and of course, Independence Day has long been obvious and growing.

The usual suspects whose names we know, and don’t, have lectured us incessantly about “Hate,” but they deserve an Olympic Gold Medal for hatred.

No matter how preposterous and ugly their tactics, they are currently succeeding in their mission to weaken and destroy our traditions, our holidays and our institutions simply by labeling them “racist.”

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the epitome of what the Left hates about America: Faith, Family, Prosperity, Commerce, Free markets, Joy, Gratitude, Celebration of unity, Liberty, and (God forbid!) peace on earth.

As if all that weren’t enough, there is no greater threat to their nihilistic march to Marxism than religiosity and faith in God. No matter what your religious tradition, Christmas remains the pinnacle of American holidays because this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Without those, America could not be America.

Is it any wonder that the current and impending supply chain crisis will perfectly coincide with the trifecta of treasured American holidays? Thanksgiving and Christmas, concluding with the celebration of a New Year?

Of course, lock-step Leftists will continue their baseless and relentlessness covid-fascism going and growing. It’s the perfect excuse for their every outrageous act to “fundamentally” change America into a Marxist nightmare. The mask of that mass deception is still working and is visible in those who continue to wear one.

Like the Grinch that just happens to have been created by Dr. Seuss, whom they also hate and tried to cancel, they think Christmas is about commerce. Yep, they hate that too: Black Friday (that’s racist!) Presents, (that’s privilege!) Decorations and lighting displays (that’s energy consumption!)

This time of year is certainly important to American businesses, especially small ones. You guessed it, they hate small businesses. But just as Seuss’s Grinch discovers, stealing decorations, presents and even the roast beast won’t stop Christmas. We can certainly hope these communist controllers will learn that lesson as well, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Nevertheless, here’s hoping (and praying) that Christians will rediscover the meaning of Christmas, Jews will rediscover the meaning of Chanukah and the resurgence of faith this holiday season will be stronger and greater than ever before.

We’ll need all we can get as we face the real crisis, which is the full-frontal attack on America and its most treasured institutions.

Beating Government Grinches would surely be an ending of which Dr. Seuss would approve.

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